Elements of Suspense
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Elements of Suspense. Elements of Suspense. 1. Although the visual elements of the suspense drama are the main focus, what other elements add to the development of the climax?. Sound Lighting Make Up Editing Techniques.

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Elements of Suspense

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Elements of Suspense

Elements of Suspense

1. Although the visual elements of the suspense drama are the main focus, what other elements add to the development of the climax?



Make Up

Editing Techniques

2. Camera angles play an important roll in focusing the viewer’s attention. How does the director use the following angles?

  • Close Up

Eliminates any scene distraction and focuses on the reaction and or emotions of the actor.


Indicates that something is not right. Adds to the mystery.

Low angle

Gives the person or object a superior position.

High angle

Shows the person or object in an inferior position.

3. Lighting plays an important role in adding to suspense. What are the purposes of the following lighting techniques?

Bright daylight

Indicates that things are normal and all the scene elements are out in the open to see.

Low light

Adds some mystery to the scene because some things are hidden.

Directional lights

Helps to indicate the location of the scene. Also the light is used to focus the viewers eye where the director wants them to look.

Low angle source

Gives the actor(s) an eerie look. Shadows hide facial features and disquise emotions. Used in all Classic Horror movies.

High angle source

Causes heavy shadows and used to indicate some type of stress.

Back lighting

Used to silhouette the actor(s). Conceals identity and facial features. When combined with front lighting, adds a hallo effect and gives the actor(s) an angelic look and sets them apart from the background.

Hard lights

Produces heavy shadow areas. Shows hard facial features. Used to show hostility. Features the “bad guy”.

Soft lights

Softens facial features. Used to show warmth and friendliness. Features the “Good Guy”.

4. Tell me how important you think the sound is when used to build the suspense of a scene.

Paragraph starters:

I think The sound enhances what we see by…..

the sound is very important because…..

It also adds to the……

The volume of the sound track is important because it……

  • 5. What are some audio tricks that the director uses to help the scene move along?

  • Eerie sounds

  • Low volume

  • High volume

  • Off key music

6.What roll does the strength, or volume, of the music play?

It helps to stimulate our emotions in conjunction to the visual effects.

7.In what way does Make-up add realism to the scene?

It helps to make the actors more believable and realistic.

8. How did the director use all or some of these elements in the “Twilight Zone” shows that we viewed? Explain your findings in a complete paragraph.

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