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Extension . Career change & cost Career bottleneck Career boredom / job burnout Career counseling . Presentation. Can you contribute more ideas on the topic about career? - -- G 1. Presentation Assessment.

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  • Career change & cost
  • Career bottleneck
  • Career boredom / job burnout
  • Career counseling
  • Can you contribute more ideas on the topic about career?

- -- G 1

  • Mid-term Exam
  • Date: April 25/26 (Sat./Sun.)
  • Time: 1 hour
mid term exam
Mid-term Exam

The final exam will include the self-study sections of all units.

  • Case Study Report
  • A Memo
essential report writing phrases
Essential Report Writing Phrases
  • Introduction This report aims/sets out to….The aim / purpose of this report is to….
  • FindingsThe key finding are listed / outlined below.It was found that….
  • Conclusion (s)It was decided / agreed that….No conclusions were reached regarding….
  • Recommendations (s)It is suggested / proposed / recommended that…We (strongly) recommend that…/ It would be advisable that…
formal report
Formal Report
  • Title
  • Terms of Reference
  • Procedure
  • Findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Report: The best Sales Manager candidate
  • IntroductionThe aim of this report to decide who is the best candidate for the sales manager in Fast-Track. It is based on the group discussion and analyzing of their profiles.
  • FindingsIt is clear that …..
  • RecommendationsIn order to ….
  • ConclusionIt is felt that….
  • Memorandum
  • Frequently used inside companies
  • For the purpose of delivering orders, suggestions, information, notices, assessment and so on.
  • Concise, clear-cut, businesslike, efficient
  • To / From / Subject / Date
  • Arrange the points in logical order
  • Initials in the end
  • P 131
warm up
Warm up:



  • Do you have the experience of online shopping?
  • Please list out the differences and similarities between online selling and high street retailing.
  • Payment; Delivery; Convenience; Variety; Price; Experience; …..
  • For Group 2
  • Topic: What makes a successful online shop?
  • Topic: A plan for your online shop.
  • For other students
  • Find the secrets for making a quick order for the online shops.
negotiating skills
Negotiating Skills
  • Purpose: Reaching agreement (win-win)
  • Useful Language: P19
  • Negotiating plan & Negotiating tactics
useful language
Useful Language
  • Question – indirectly

How about / what about… / Could you…

Will it be possible for you to….

Are there any alternatives?

  • Statement – directly

I’m sincerely hoping….

We’d like to / prefer to …

  • Making concessions

If I have to finish…. I….

That will be ok, as long as I get the payment in advance.

negotiating plan negotiating tactics
Negotiating plan & Negotiating tactics
  • Affirmation + but / however….
  • Pay attention to his words and his manner
  • Try to figure out his bottom line
  • Be clear what you want.

Situation: Michelle, from a chain bookstore, is negotiating with a web designer who is bidding on a price to design her website

  • Look at the chart in section B. Discuss what you think you might here in the recordings.
  • Now, Listen to the recordings and complete the chart on page 18
skills negotiating reaching an agreement
Skills: Negotiating:reaching an agrEEMENT

One month, by the end of July

One month, fewer pages

$50.00 per hour

$6,000 (half in advance)

A large number of covers on every page

One big image


Listen to the second conversation again. Fill in the blanks. Check your answers with a partner.


7.mind if I long as

9.How about

10. agree to

will you agree



normal fee

we’d prefer


Listen to the third conversation again.Note down all the expression for both agreeing and disagreeing. Decide whether they express:

    • a) strong agreement/disagreement
    • b)politeagreement/disagreement
    • c)hesitantagreement/disagreement
  • In groups, ‘score’ each others expression ratings. See how many you agree on, and discuss the one’s you disagree on.

Check your expression ratings.

D Now, the design of the website. Will we have book covers on it?

M Absolutely(1).I’d like to display a large number of book covers on every page. They’d really attract people’s attention. What do you think?

DIt’s a bit too much, I’d say(2).A lot of pictures takes too long to download. I’d prefer one big image. How about that?

MMmm, I don’t know(3)… People like to see the book covers. It draws them into the website, believe me.

D Maybe you’re right(4).How about two covers per page, then?

MOK. That sounds reasonable(5).How, what else do we need to discuss before you get started?

1. strong agreement

2. polite disagreement

3. hesitant disagreement

4. hesitant agreement

5. polite agreement



  • A representative of a website maintenance company is meeting the manager of a company to negotiate a contract.
  • The student playing the website rep: use the info on page 136
  • Company manager: use the info on page 138

Useful terms and expressions:

  • Use the Useful Language on the bottom of page 19 to help you in your role playing.

CASE STUDY: Lifetime Holidays

  • A holiday package company wants to team up with an online business.
  • Students: Read background information on pg 20 in your textbooks. Underline any important information
  • Complete the information table on the next slid in groups. Some of the information can be inferred, even if it is not specifically state.

CASE STUDY: Lifetime Holidays

Package holidays

(all prices)


Large catalogue of package holidays (wide range of destinations)

Small range of destinations. Arranges flights accommodations, car hire and insurance

Many high street shops


‘Good’ customer base (wide range of age groups)

Mainly over 50 years old

Wants to appeal to wider age group (especially 30-50), and join with an online company

Wants a bigger catalogue of holidays to offer, and join with a bigger organization

Failing demand

Good customer base


CASE STUDY: Lifetime Holidays

  • Students: In groups of 4-6, prepare to negotiate as either:
    • a) a director of Lifetime Holidays pg 138
    • b) a director of Direct sun pg 141
  • Read your role cards and take some time preparing your ‘angle’ on the negotiations
  • Then, follow the ‘Agenda’ on the bottom of pg 21, negotiate each point. Try to reach an agreement on some kind of joint venture.
  • Practice utilizing phrases that show different levels

CASE STUDY: Lifetime Holidays

  • Practice utilizing phrases that show different levels of agreement/disagreement,
      • i.e.: strong, polite, hesitant
  • Don’t forget, most agreements involveCompromise!
  • HOMEWORK 1: As either director, compose an e-mail to the person you negotiated with, summarizing what you agree upon. Send that email to...

Homework for Week 3

  • Preview Unit 3
  • Go online and find what you consider a well designed eCommerce web page in English.
  • Make note of what services it offers customers online (payments, catalog, customer service, secured transactions, etc...)
  • Compose a 150 word + paper explaining why you think this company’s website is an successful, and what a successful eCommerce website should be like.
  • Try to use appropriate vocabulary and provide the address of the website