I Am  The Bread of Life  John 6:35

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Introduction. We have seen both Old Testament and New Testament

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I Am The Bread of Life John 6:35

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1. I Am The Bread of Life John 6:35

2. Introduction We have seen both Old Testament and New Testament “prophets” claiming Jesus’ deity. Daniel implied the deity of the Messiah Dan 7:13 The apostle John’s entire gospel is centered upon the claim of Jesus’ deity. Jn. 1:1 And even Jesus’ own statement, “Before Abraham was, I am”, John 8:38, was a claim understood by the Jews to be a claim of deity

3. Introduction Jesus made claims to deity as the “Son of God” Those claims leave us with only 2 choices Either He flat out lied (or was deliriously insane) and wanted us to believe in Him as such Or, He spoke the truth and wants us to believe in Him as such

4. Introduction In this lesson We will look at one such claim Jesus made to be “the Son of God” We will also look at the proof Jesus offered Then we will look at His claim to be “the bread of life” What did He mean by that statement? What does it mean for us?

5. Jesus “the Son of God” John 5 – Jesus healed the man at the pool on the Sabbath Jn 5:16-18 – The Jews wanted to kill Him My Father is working until now, and I Myself am working. Jn. 5:17 Jesus already claimed to Nicodemus that He was God’s only begotten Son. Jn. 3:16-18 In this instance Jesus claimed to be continuously working with (not independent of) His Father….even on the Sabbath! Jn. 5:19-23 – A further explanation

6. Jesus “the Son of God” Testimonies that declared the truth of Jesus’ claim to be “the Son of God” Self testimony (rejected) Jn. 5:31 John the Baptist truthfully witnessed about Jesus Jn. 5:32-35 (Jn. 1:29-34) The works of Jesus testify of Him that He is from God Jn. 5:36 The witness from heaven (of the heavenly Father) Jn 5:37 (Matt. 3:16-17)

7. I Am The Bread of Life In John 6, Jesus feeds the 5,000+ miraculously Jn 6:15 – Many wanted to make Him king Jn 6:26-27 – Many were willing to follow in hopes of getting fed Jesus tells them they need to work for food that will give everlasting life Jn 6:28-29 – They want to know what work Jesus says to believe in Him Jn 6:30-31 – They want a sign, like manna Despite being miraculously fed the previous day

8. I Am The Bread of Life Jn 6:32-35 Jesus compared and contrasted Himself with the manna of Exodus 16 Compared: Both sent from God (not Moses) Both provide life by taking them in Contrasted: Never hunger (or thirst) again He came down from heaven (a choice He made) Jesus is the true bread of life

9. I Am The Bread of Life John 6:36-40 The end result depends on whether you believe Those who do not accept Him as the Son of God will remain dead in their sins Many of Jesus’ own disciples did not believe and followed Him no more - Jn. 6:66 Those who accept Jesus as the Son of God – who came down from heaven AND who gives life – will have eternal life. Jn. 6:67-69

10. Conclusion Many have difficulty in believing Jesus claim to be “the Son of God” who came from heaven and lived as a man Those who believe, obey, and live in Him will have eternal life Those who refuse to believe will be eternally lost Which will it be for you?

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