Y ou as reader become the product
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Y ou, as reader, become the product - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Y ou, as reader, become the product.

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Y ou as reader become the product
You, as reader, become the product

In Gender Advertisments, sociologist Erving Goffman suggests that ads are just hyper-ritualizations of many of the rituals we already use to communicate gender. This isn’t necessarily how we behave as real men and women in our much or most of our daily lives, but how we signal gender when called upon to do so.

Others might call these communication rituals “performing gender.”

Ritualization of subordination:

“Lower ranks” shown occupying lower regions

Women’s subordination often signified by showing them as less serious, with less need to be serious: “clowning” or “goofing”

Direct gaze into the camera indicates fully present and attentive.

Withdrawing into one’s own world suggests less attentive to immediate environment, less cognizant, less powerful.

Flooding out is another kind of withdrawal from the real world—abandoning oneself to a sensation.

Direct gaze
Direct gaze attentive.

Direct gaze1
Direct gaze attentive.

withdrawing attentive.

Goofing attentive.

Flooding out

Flooding out attentive.

M ore flooding out
m attentive.ore flooding out

Flooding out1
Flooding out attentive.

Literal unstable pose
Literal unstable pose subordination

Also unstable in pose
Also unstable in pose subordination

Canting subordination

Jean subordinationKilbourn in the Killing Me Softly series discusses other ways women are represented


Fragmented body parts


Also silenced
also silenced? subordination

Blinded? subordination

Fragmented body parts
Fragmented body parts subordination

F ragmentation of the body
f subordinationragmentation of the body

Trivializing subordination

Infantilizing subordination

Jhally which social values does ford associate its van with here ghosh more inclusion now
Jhally subordination: Which social values does Ford associate its van with here? Ghosh: More inclusion now?