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Mbabaali Memorial School for Orphans

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Mbabaali Memorial School for Orphans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mbabaali Memorial School for Orphans .

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Mbabaali Memorial School

for Orphans

If you Google MbabaaliMemorial School for Orphans, you will see that it is noted as the only free school for orphans in Uganda. Pictured above is the Director, James Kyeyune, who has been running the school since his father passed on in 2002. James worked without a salary from that point until September 1, 2010. To the right of James is Brother Francis Blouin of the Brothers of Christian Instruction. Brother Francis was the first director of Uganda Martyrs University at Kisubi. The only “connections” between the school for orphans and the university is that James was a student at the university. One day James asked Brother Francis to bring Richard to the school. Richard stated, “On my first visit to that school, I got attached to the children immediately.” Pictured with James and Brother Francis are some of the 264 children who receive the free education, food and clothing. Fifty-three or so stay on the premises. To see and learn more, and to inquire about making a tax deductible donation, please visit our website


James Kyeyune and Richard Gagné with kindergarten children.

These children are gracious, thoughtful and consider themselves to be very fortunate.

The children are genuinely happy.


The Mbabaali Memorial School for Orphans was founded in 2000 by Peter Mbabaali. Mr. Mbabaali died of aids in 2002 and James Kyeyune (pictured above with one of the cooks) returned from South Africa to Uganda to run the school. In 2002 there were 30 students and now we have 264.

The outside and the interior of the old kitchen served the needs of the orphan community from 2000 until May 2011. The new kitchen is pictured left bottom.


To the left, children are enjoying their water ration. Clean water is priceless in Uganda.

Below, a child is receiving her lunchtime meal. We have two cooks who are always very active. We feed over 300 people each day.

The children get three meals a day, up from two a day. They get meat (usually a piece of chicken) once a month. They eat better than 90% of the children in the country.


JoviaMukashema with her father Richard on the campus of Uganda Martyrs University at Kisubi. Jovia speaks seven languages very well and was the best female athlete (volleyball team) during one of her years at the university. She now teaches and counsels at the Mbabaali Memorial School for Orphans and also teaches English at another school in Entebbe.

Jovia’s graduation day, October 7, 2011 at Uganda Martyrs University at Kisubi.