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Opportunities for Discussion & Planning for the Revised Curriculum PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology & Design. North West Cluster Meeting 21 st May 2007. Opportunities for Discussion & Planning for the Revised Curriculum. Raymond Moffatt WELB. Technology Education Centre: Omagh. Equity and Parity 

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Opportunities for Discussion & Planning for the Revised Curriculum

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Presentation Transcript

Technology & Design

North West Cluster Meeting 21st May 2007

Opportunities for Discussion & Planning

for the Revised Curriculum

Raymond Moffatt WELB.

Technology Education Centre: Omagh

Equity and Parity

All subjects have equal recognition e.g. Languages – French, Spanish, Irish, Polish

Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Biology

  • Management of Change

    • NI Curriculum

  • (Revised Curriculum)

  • Quality of Learning and Teaching

    • Monitoring

  • Evaluation



  • Leadership Skills

    • Vision for Department

    • Subject contribution to Whole School Agenda

  • Data Analysis

    • KS3 results

  • KS4 results

  • Identifying under-

  • achievement

Team Building/Capacity Building

Professional Development

Target Setting

Curriculum Aim

The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to empower young people to achieve their potential

and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.

To develop the young person as an individual

To develop the young person as a contributor to society

To develop the young person as a contributor to the economy & environment

Curriculum Objectives


Learning for Life and Work

Personal Development

Home Economics

Local & Global Citizenship




personal understandingmutual understandingpersonal health

moral characterspiritual awareness

citizenshipcultural understandingmedia awareness

ethical awareness

employabilityeconomic awarenesseducation for sustainable development


Cross-Curricular Skills

Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities

  • Communication Using Mathematics Using ICT

  • Managing Information Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making Being Creative

    • Working with Others Self Management


Areas of Learning



English (And Irish

In Irish medium schools) with Media Education

Environment & Society

Mathematics with Financial Capability

Modern Languages

Physical Education

Science & Technology

Religious Education


Learning Experiences

Investigating & problem-solving linked to other curriculum areas relevant & enjoyable media rich skills integrated active & hands on offers choice

Challenging & engaging supportive environment culturally diverse positive reinforcement varied to suit learning style on-going reflection enquiry based

Assessment for Learning

Clear learning intentions shared with pupils

Building a more open relationship between learner and teacher

Celebrate success against agreed success criteria

Advice on what to improve and how to improve it

Peer and self evaluation of learning




Shared/negotiated success criteria

Peer and self


Taking risks

for learning

Attitudes and Dispositions

Personal responsibilityconcern for others commitment-determination – resourcefulness openness to new ideas

Self-belief-optimism-pragmatism curiosity community spirit flexibility tolerance integrity-moral courage respect


I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made

them feel.

Maya Angelou

  • 1. Baseline:

  • a) Where are you at?

    • b) What issues have arisen in your school – for you personally and for your department?

    • c) What are the implications for you as the leader and manager of your department?

    • d) What are the implications for you, and others, as teachers of….?

  • 2. Targets/Actions:

  • e) Where do you need to go next?

    • f) Have all teachers in your department a common understanding of AfL, TS & PC, Cross-Curricular Skills, Key Elements (LLW), your revised subject curriculum ….?

    • g) Have all teachers in your department a common understanding of their contribution to the revised

    • curriculum?

    • h) Have you decided as a school, as a department, what revision you might need to make to your current schemes?

  • 2.Targets/Actions:

  • i) Are you, as a department, aware of your strengths and areas for development?

  • j) Have you considered how you might go about the process of reviewing your schemes and associated practices (on an on-going basis)?

  • k) Have you considered how you will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the pupils learning experiences as a result of any changes you might make?

  • l) What are the subsequent implications for collaborative learning in your department, school?

  • 3. What support do you require?

  • m) How might you begin to/further develop as a learning

  • community – in your department, in your school, across

  • schools?

    • n) Depending on your identified needs you may need different forums to address these

    • o) This is a skills-based curriculum which cannot be taken forward unless there is connected learning

KEY STAGE 3 Project

My Pendant Design

KEY STAGE 3 Project

A year 8 suggested design opportunity

  • My Photograph Holder

  • My Timetable Holder

  • My House Pendant

  • My Pendant Light

  • My Password/s

  • My Money

  • My Locker Key

  • My Panic Alarm

KEY STAGE 3 Project

My pendant design

Unit of Work Overview:A Personal PendantYear 8 Time:4-5 weeks

Year 8 Lessons 1 - 4:APersonal ProjectAppreciating Design and Developing ideas

A Proposed idea for a

Sellotape Dispenser

KEY STAGE 3 Project

Key Stage 3

A Suggested Year 9 / 10



A Bird Feeder

RA Moffatt WELB

A Bird Feeder

A Bird Feeder

Learning Opportunities:

To develop basic manufacturing skills, processes and appreciate good practice

regarding workshop safety;

To develop correct use of hand tools and a health and safe working environment;

To develop quality finishing techniques when manufacturing a product;

To understand the need to work to a set specification;

To understand and be able to interpret a working drawing;

To develop an understanding of design appreciation and practice reverse engineer / product analysis.

Activity Description:

Theory applied: The pupils make a short study of material properties, process and constraints;

Manufacture: To manufacture all parts of the models from set working drawings.

Design Appreciation: to view alternative modifications to the bird Feeder / reverse engineering.

Design Applied or Design Opportunity: How could a seed tray be fitted to this design?


An opportunity to Model in card after the project is made!


  • Design Applied

  • Now that you have completed this project design a seed tray that could be fitted to the feeder.

  • consider modelling

  • your idea in card.

A Bird Feeder;

The finished product

Is there a potential design opportunity here?

KEY STAGE 3 Project

The Designer Emulation Kits are meant as the sincerest homage to some of the greatest modern designers of our time. The lamps and designers being “emulated” have a particular importance in the history of design. Each kit is made of separate parts, which are snapped off, fitted together, and plugged into a nine-volt battery (not included), resulting in a miniature classic. For USD29, its a bit expensive considering its not going to cost a lot to manufacture… but I like the thinking behind it. Wonderful.

  • a reading light

  • a Child’s Night light

  • a Novelty Light

  • a pocket torch

KEY STAGE 3 Project

Year 8: A Design


KEY STAGE 3 Project

KEY STAGE 3 Project

The Revised Curriculum in the classroom!

  • Design & Manufacturing

  • Opportunities

  • relevant

  • interesting

  • engaging

  • appropriate to capability

  • active activities

  • short duration to realise

  • stimulating resources

  • organisation

  • positive relationships

  • affirmation

  • Measure by Outcome / feedback

  • How did they feel about the activity?

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