Best health care services in baghesur by tbt tigersbytribals
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Best Health Care Services in Baghesur PowerPoint PPT Presentation

TBT(TigersByTribals) Offers health care services in baghesur for Tribals. If you want to give the health care services then you can contact us or visit our website.

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Best Health Care Services in Baghesur

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Best Health Care Services in BaghesurBy TBT(TigersByTribals)

  • Among various initiatives and efforts taken by HI Destination Management Pvt. Ltd. health care is a major part.

  • We took the step to save the tigers by saving the tribes of India.

  • But if proper health care facilities and medicines are not available to the people of these tribes.

  • It would be hard to keep them healthy and happy.

Email Id: [email protected] Health Care Baghesur

Family Health Care Services in BaghesurBy TBT

  • We have started free health care camps that are held periodically to ensure that medical needs of the tribes are met properly, without burdening them with large medicine bills.

  • Our camps have helped us to reach the tribals directly and understand their pains.

  • By doing so, we can take a step to empower them in the right direction.

Email Id: [email protected] Health Care Baghesur

Health Care in BaghesurBy TigersByTribals

  • So that they start leading healthy lives and in return help us in our main objective of saving the Indian tigers.

  • We have started making our own medicine that is 100% organic.

  • Our medicines are not only manufactured by us, but even the raw material used in making them is obtained from our own organic farmlands at Bandhavgarh.

Email Id: [email protected] Health Care Baghesur

Baghesur Health Care CenterBy TBT

  • This enables us to ensure that the quality of medicines we manufacture is side-effects free. Our medicines are made from natural herbs grown at our organic farms.

  • Where use of pesticides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers is prohibited.

  • Not only this, we ensure that we do not add chemical preservatives or colours to our products, so that they can be obtained by anyone without any worry.

Email Id: [email protected] Health Care Baghesur

Health Care Services in BaghesurBy TigersByTribals.Com

  • Our team of expert botanists, researchers, and local cultivators work to generate organically safe and healthy produce.

  • We use only lab tested seeds for farming and stick to natural manures for growing them.

  • All the products from our farms have been tested on an array of parameters and now we have emerged as the number one, lab-certified 100% organic farm owners.

Email Id: [email protected] Health Care Baghesur

Best Family Health Care Services By TBT(TigersByTribals)

Contact Us:


B365, Tala Village, Bandhavgarh National Park,

Umaria District, Madhya Pradesh, India, 484661

Phone No:

(+91) 0762 7265348

Email Id: [email protected]


Email Id: [email protected] Health Care Baghesur

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