social enterprise movement
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SOCIAL ENTERPRISE MOVEMENT. Social enterprise movement are vast and now extended to most parts of the world. Following are the movements initiated since 2007 AD:- Social Enterprises: Diversity and Dynamics, C ontexts and Contributions(2007) Social Entrepreneurship in UK(2007)

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social enterprise movement


Social enterprise movement are vast and now extended to most parts of the world.

Following are the movements initiated since 2007 AD:-

Social Enterprises: Diversity and Dynamics, Contexts and Contributions(2007)

Social Entrepreneurship in UK(2007)

Social Enterprise in the Economic Upheaval(2008)

State of Social Enterprise Survey(2009)

Social Enterprise Barometer(2010)

Time for Social Enterprise(2011)

All these and other movements are focused upon improving the environment aspect through the economic activity or rather say Triple Bottom Line.

typical social entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs share the following characteristics:-

  • Ambitious: they tackle major issues of the world and operate any kind of profitable or non profitable organisations.
  • Mission driven: they have objective towards promoting systematic social change even though profit making is part of this process.
  • Strategic: social entrepreneurs are concerned with the implementation of their vision. They see and act upon what other entrepreneurs miss, such as opportunities for create social values.
  • Resourceful: they must be exceptionally skilled in mustering and mobilizing human, financial and political resources.

Result oriented: social entrepreneurs are driven to produce measureable results. These results transform the existing society and unleash the potential of it for effective changes.

  • Social entrepreneurs often seem to be possessed by their ideas, committing their lives to change the direction of their field. They are the role models proving that people who can channel into action can do almost anything.

Mother Teresa and Richard Branson are the

well known social entrepreneurs.

benefits to the local community
Benefits to the local community

Social enterprises help to benefit the communities by:

  • providing employment to local people and flexible approach to work.
  • Helping people to develop their potential.
  • Helping the disabled and women and minority ethnic groups .
  • It brings positive changes in the social aspects like health services, development works.
  • Young people- education is imparted through schools run by these enterprises.
economic benefits
Economic benefits
  • Social enterprises generate employment opportunities. It improves the living standards of people along with the environment. Due to this a nation can flourish with its civilized citizens.
  • In one hand, social enterprises promotes the lives of humans and on the other with its profit, it joins hand with profitable businesses for better production and services.
  • These type of business are very popular in the world as they are service oriented which promotes its advertisement. It even promotes the other aspects of society such as infrastructures .