Environmental Law in Sultanate of Oman

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Environmental Law in Oman. Legal Hierarchy in Sultanate of OmanConcession AgreementRoyal DecreesMinisterial DecisionsInternational Conventions and AgreementsOther agreements between PDO and Government. Environmental Law in Oman. Mechanism for EnforcementMinistries in MuscatMinistry of Regiona

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Environmental Law in Sultanate of Oman

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1. Environmental Law in Sultanate of Oman Scope of the Presentation Hierarchy of Legislation in Oman PDOs Legal Compliance Strategy Track Record of PDO and Contractors Pointers to Additional Information

2. Environmental Law in Oman Legal Hierarchy in Sultanate of Oman Concession Agreement Royal Decrees Ministerial Decisions International Conventions and Agreements Other agreements between PDO and Government

3. Environmental Law in Oman Mechanism for Enforcement Ministries in Muscat Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources Ministry of Communication Ministry of Health Other ministries Regional Offices of the Ministries

4. Environmental Law in Oman Operationally important laws RD 10/82 Comprehensive environmental law. First of its kind in Middle East, Regulates EIA and Permits MD 145/93: Sewage Treatment Plants MD 248 /97 Chemicals Management MD 249/97: Radioactive Materials Management MD 17 & 18/93: Hazardous and Non Hazardous Waste Management

5. Environmental Law in Oman PDOs Compliance Strategy Internal Compile relevant laws and integrate them into PDO documentation (specifications) Regularly monitor new laws to see if additional controls are required Participate in the development of new laws so that industry view point is represented Obtain permit for all facilities and activities Communicate legal/permit requirements to all PDO employees and contractors

6. Environmental Law in Oman PDOs Compliance Strategy External Obtain permit for all facilities and activities Ensure that there is no non-compliance resulting in punitive actions Transparent and continuous engagement of the Government Capacity building in Government on emerging areas (eg. ground contamination)

7. Legal Compliance on HSE Issues Track Record of PDO(in Env. Legislation compliance) All facilities and operations have environmental permits Locations regularly visited by Ministry officials No penalty/punitive action in the last 2 years Couple of incidents of Contractors violating the law. PDO interfaced with the Government on behalf of the contractors. No punitive action

8. Legal Compliance on HSE Issues Additional Information List of All E related regulations are available @ CSM/2 homepage Copies of the law (translations) are available with CSM/2 List and Copies of all HS & E Laws available with FLG All Environmental Law requirements are incorporated into HSE Specifications

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