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Chapter 3. Paleo-Indians : Earliest people we know of to have lived in Utah. Prehistoric : Before written records. Early People. Paleo -Indians. Hogan : An eight-sided Navajo dwelling. hogan.

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Paleo indians earliest people we know of to have lived in utah prehistoric before written records

Paleo-Indians: Earliest people we know of to have lived in Utah.

Prehistoric: Before written records.

Early People

Paleo indians

Hogan: An eight-sided Navajo dwelling.

Navajo lived in the southeastern corner of utah with the san juan river serving as a barrier

Navajo: Lived in the southeastern corner of Utah with the San Juan River serving as a barrier.

Generalization: A statement that refers to a group of people instead of an individual.

Migration: Moving from one place to another.

Native Indians

Petroglyphs: Carvings on rock walls done by historic Indian tribes.

  • Primary Source: Something from a person that was there.

  • Secondary Source: Another source other than from the original.

  • Root Diggers: The Goshutes dug for roots to eat in order to survive.

Wicki-ups: Made from brush and sticks.

Wicki up

List 5 things that are a primary

source and 5 things that are


Ute indians these native americans lived in central utah they also lived in tepees

Ute Indians: These Native Americans lived in central Utah, they also lived in tepees.

  • Adapt: To adjust to new conditions.

  • Atlatl: A spear thrower which made the spear fly faster and farther.