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Scholar Babar Chaudhry

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Heroes are essential elements of every society, culture, community, region and of course country. Theses heroes hail from various factions ranging from politics, military, education, philanthropy, civil service, art, sports, etc. \n\n

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Heroes are essential elements of every society, culture, community, region and of course country. Theses heroes hail from various factions ranging from politics, military, education, philanthropy, civil service, art, sports, etc. Heroes help provide a continuous source of inspiration and energy to the people in order to perform well in respective fields, thereby propelling the society further.  Heroes are also the icons who are looked up to in critical times or endeavour to be followed.  Thus by and large, heroes are the source of fresh impetus whenever needed.


Like any society or country, Pakistan also places great significance on heroes. Our heroes range from active participants of our independence struggle to present day sportspersons. In order to justifiably celebrate our heroes, media remains the most optimum tool. Thus both print and electronic media is suitably used to glorify our heroes, both present and past. The same is done as and when needed, mostly at certain occasions like Independence Day, Defence Day, on birthdays or death anniversaries of heroes, etc. Although the same seems pertinent but a continuous presentation of heroes to the society, especially the youth/ children seems an emergent requirement, under the present challenging state of our country.


As a student of political science, I evaluated the presentation of our heroes to the society as a subject. The study showed availability of vast room in effective presentation of heroes of our society.  It was further learnt that most of the heroes portrayed in our society are from past and there is a sharp decline in present day heroes.  Although there are ever growing heroes in our society but still they are not being brought out or presented to public in a deserving manner.  Meanwhile the study also figured out that, a few vibrant media sections have also identified this gap and subsequently, have started efforts to plug the same. Among these,, a website under the auspices of scholar BabarChaudhrysurely stands out. The website has launched numerous continuous programmes which present our heroes in such a manner that the viewers are positively inspired, despite an on ground gloomy situation.


BabarR Chaudhryproduce programmes which present life of our heroes covering all the phases, including days of struggle till glory. Subsequently, the successful negotiation of the personalities with challenges is brought out in order to show that with commitment and belief all challenges or hurdles can be crossed. In that Islamic teachings are injected through relevant verses from holy Quran and ahadith of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H which complements the aspects of hard work, hope, dignity and positive thought process.

It was indeed pleasant to see that the content on website is based on positive mindset, which is perhaps the elementary requirement for our country under the prevailing circumstances.  Not only that, hardly any field was overlooked during the programmes as politicians, civil servants, military personnel, educationists, philanthropists, social workers, artists, religious scholars, sportspersons, etc were all positively presented to the society.  It is indeed a great service from BabarChaudhryand which has its far reaching affects. 


As part of my research, I also undertook a survey with different samples to evaluate what people think about celebrating the heroes and its effective presentation in present scenario. In that majority was of the view that celebrating our heroes is of utmost importance in order to continue positive injections in the society.  Further most of the people considered that andBabarChaudhryare doing great service to inculcate patriotism, which is being done on voluntarily basis.  The same is surely a glowing sign of nation with perseverance, poise and resilience. Hopefully all factions of our media will also maximize transmission of positive message for rebuilding our country. Pakistan Zindabad.


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