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Scent-Sations, Inc.

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Scent-Sations, Inc. Corporate Overview. Evaluating A Business. 5 Questions to ask when considering any Business Opportunity!. #1 - What is the Industry?. Is it a Industry that is still growing or Is it a Industry that has already peaked or been reduced by Technology?.

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scent sations inc

Scent-Sations, Inc.

Corporate Overview

evaluating a business
Evaluating A Business

5 Questions to ask when considering any Business Opportunity!

1 what is the industry
#1 - What is the Industry?

Is it a Industry that is still growing


Is it a Industry that has already peaked or been reduced by Technology?

we represent 2 industries
We Represent 2 Industries!
  • Network Marketing Industry

“Word of Mouth” referral advertising has been around for over 50 years, with more than 10 million people in the US acting as independent representatives.

Those 10 million people are generating over $28 Billion in revenue in the US alone, and over $100 Billion is generated yearly worldwide.

2)Candle or Home Fragrance Industry

Annual Candle sales in the US are estimated at nearly 3 Billion dollars and 80% of all adult Americans bought some type of home fragrance product in the last year!

2 who is the company
#2 - Who Is The Company?

Scent-Sations is a debt free company that has been in business since 2002 finishing it’s fifth year with over 15 Million in sales.

A Solid Management Team in place

Bob Scocozzo, CEO – Successful franchisee and small business owner for over 15 years before finding Network Marketing. Has 20 years experience as a full time Network Marketer.

Charlie Umphred, VP Marketing – Has 20 years as a full time Network Marketing Professional. Has been recognized by the industry as one of the top 25 trainers in Network Marketing.

Carmen Milazzo – The developer of the Mia Bella’s Natural Wax Candle. Has over a decade of candle manufacturing experience.

3 what is the product
#3 - What Is The Product?
  • Our candles are available in over 90 + gourmet fragrances.
  • Our Candles are triple scented, have a lead-free doubled cotton wick and burn virtually soot free.
  • Our candles are long burning. A Mia Bella will burn for approx 120 hours compared to 80 hours for other candles.
  • The MSRP for a 16 oz Mia Bella candle is $18.95 vs. $24.00 for a 14.5 oz jar of our competitors.
  • Our Wax Products come in Jars, Votives, Melt Discs and Bakery Pies. We also carry other natural products - Soaps, Hand Creams & Lotions.
4 how can i make money at this

There are 3 Ways we get paid:

#1 - Retailing – Buying the candles at the lowest possible price of $9.50 each plus shipping & tax, then selling the product for $18.95 to $25 each, more than doubling your investment. (You keep all of the profit from the sale above your cost!)

#2 - Fundraising – Helping your church or any non-profit organization raise money to fulfill their needs, while earning a profit yourself.

Example: Let’s say your local band does a fundraiser. They have 50 members, each who sell only 10 jars.

50 X 10 = 500 jars sold

Their profit at $6.00 per jar is $3,000.00

Your profit at $3.00 per jar is $1,500.00

In this case scenario, we will consider that the organization earns $6 and you the distributor is earning $3. These numbers can be higher or lower depending on where you live!


#3 - RESIDUAL INCOME - How Much Can Be Earned?

The “Power of 5” Compensation Plan

COTM MemberPotential Monthly Earnings:

In this diagram we will use $100 personal volume per rep in your organization .... the avg. volume per month for each active rep is actually higher than $100

Level 1:

You find 5 people who choose to become Candle of the Month members earning you 10% of $100 = $____ x 5 = $______

Level 2:

When the 5 above each find 5 who become Candle of the Month members you earn:5% of $100 = $___ x 25 = $___

Level 3:

When the 25 above each find 5 who become Candle of the Month members you earn:5% of $100 = $___ x 125 = $___


Level 4:

When the 125 above each find 5 who choose to become Candle of the Month members you earn:

5% of $ 100 = $____ X 625 = $______

Level 5:

When the 625 above each find 5 who choose to

become Candle of the Month members you earn:

5% of $ 100 = $_____ X 3,125 = $______

Level 6:

When the 3,125 above each find 5 who choose to

become Candle of the Month members you earn:

10% of $ 100 = $____ X 15,625 = $______

Add the above figures to calculate your

TOTAL Monthly Income $______

Take the time to evaluate all business decisions carefully.

All figures mentioned are for illustration purposes only.

There are no guarantees or projections of income stated or implied.

right place right time
Right Place – Right Time
  • Our Company is 6 years old & we only have 8,000 distributors between the US & Canada. What that means for you is you are evaluating a business that has already survived the bumps and has grown stronger!
  • The 2nd thing it means to you, is we have just gotten started, we have not begun to reach momentum yet.
History has shown, when a Company reaches Momentum, the people who are actively involved in a leadership position make generational wealth.

Only you can decide if this opportunity is right for you!

I can guarantee you one thing – Whether you choose to take a position with Scent-Sations tonight or not, you will hear about this company.

The question is: How will you feel when you hear the success story?

Opportunities don’t go away, they just go to someone else.

My advice to you is, get with the person who gave you this dvd, get all your questions answered and if you see the opportunity we see, then let me be the 1st to welcome you to the Scent-Sations Team!