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Compute This!. Name That Solid. Relationships. What’s The Name. And Then…. 1pt. 1 pt. 1 pt. 1pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 2 pt. 2pt. 2pt. 2 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 3 pt. 4 pt. 4 pt. 4pt. 4pt. 4pt. 5pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt. 5 pt.

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What is the formula for the surface area of a hexahedron or cube?

The formula for computing the surface area of a sphere.

What is ?

The ratio of the volume of a cone to the volume of a cylinder

What is one-third?

What is the formula for the surface area of a cylinder?

What is Einstein’s matter-energy equivalence or the speed at which Math Curriculum changes in NYS?

The other name for a regular hexahedron

What is a cube?

12 edges and 8 vertices

What is a rectangular prism?

4 Vertices

and 7 Edges

What is a tetrahedron?

A polyhedron with two parallel sides and parallelograms for lateral faces

What is a prism?

Of prism, pyramid, and cone: the one that is not a polyhedron.

What is a cone?

Its where two faces meet.

What is an edge?

Three faces meet in this

What is a vertex?

A solid formed by polygons

What is a polyhedron?

If a cylinder if not right it is this.

What is oblique?

Along with the hexahedron, tetrahedron and octahedron the two remaining Platonic Solids.

What are dodecahedron and icosahedron?

It is the Greek root for 4?

What is tetra?

Vertices – Edges + Faces = 2

Who is Euler?

He identified the five regular polyhedrons?

Who is Plato?

He used displacement to find the volume of a gold crown.

Who is Archimedes?

He said that two solids are equal in volume if all cross sections are equal in area.

Who is Cavalieri?

If two planes are perpendicular to the same line then…

What is “they are parallel to each other?”

If a plane intersects two parallel planes then the intersection…

What is “a pair of parallel lines?”

If a plane passes through the center of a sphere then it determines….

What is “a great circle?”

If a line is perpendicular to a plane then it is…

What is ‘perpendicular to every line in that plane that passes through its foot?’

IF geometry teachers did not learn solid geometry in HS or as an undergraduate then…..

What is “Assistant Principals must include solid geometry as a PD topic?”

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