Substance abuse
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Substance Abuse PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Substance Abuse. Tobacco Lesson One. Affecting the Mind and Body. Tobacco Is A Drug: When people use tobacco, their bodies and minds feel different. Because tobacco causes these effects, it is considered to be a drug. Chemicals in Tobacco Products.

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Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse


Lesson One

6th Grade

Affecting the Mind and Body

  • Tobacco Is A Drug: When people use tobacco, their bodies and minds feel different. Because tobacco causes these effects, it is considered to be a drug.

6th Grade

Chemicals in Tobacco Products

  • Nicotine is the addictive drug in tobacco. As the body grows tolerant to the drug’s presence a person feels uncomfortable without the drug.

  • Carbon Monoxide is the colorless, odorless gas found in cigarette smoke that blocks the oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.

  • Tar is a black, sticky substance found in tobacco that coats the lungs. Tar can keep the body from filtering out harmful particles in air.

6th Grade

Types of Tobacco Products

  • Cigarettes

  • Chewing Tobacco

  • Snuff (Dip)

  • Pipe Tobacco

  • Cigars

  • Herbal Cigarettes

  • Electronic Cigarettes

6th Grade

Smokeless Tobacco

  • Chewing Tobacco is coarsely chopped tobacco leaves that contain flavorings and additives much like the tobacco in cigarettes

  • Dip finely chopped tobacco leaves. It is placed between the cheek and gum.

6th Grade

Short Term Effects of Cigarettes

  • Some short term effects of tobacco on your body are as follows:

    • Bad odor on hair and clothes

    • Bad breath and dulled taste buds

    • Yellowing teeth

    • Wrinkled skin

    • Shortness of breath

6th Grade

Tobacco Related Disease and Death

  • Emphysema is a disease in which the lungs get so damaged that they cannot absorb enough oxygen.

  • Cancer Smoking tobacco can lead to lung and throat cancer. Smokeless tobacco can lead to cancer of the mouth, throat, or stomach.

6th Grade

Sources of Secondhand Smoke

  • Side Stream Smoke: smoke from the burning end of a cigarette. This smoke may have a higher concentration of chemicals.

  • Mainstream Smoke: smoke that is inhaled through a tobacco product and exhaled by a tobacco smoker

6th Grade

Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Teens

All of the same issues as smokers!!!!!

In addition you are at risk for:

  • Reduced lung growth

  • Higher risk of respiratory illnesses including asthma

  • Increased number of ear infections

  • Increased risk of heart disease including strokes

6th Grade

What Are Some Things You Can Do If You Want To Quit Smoking?

  • Decide that you can do it

  • Get started

  • Change your habits

  • Set goals

  • Get support

6th Grade

This is the end of TobaccoLesson 1


6th Grade

Substance Abuse


Lesson Two

6th Grade

What Is Alcohol and Why Is It Considered a Drug?

Alcohol is a depressant. It is a drug because it changes a person’s physical and emotional state. As the body grows tolerant to the drug’s presence, a person feels uncomfortable without the drug.

6th Grade

Short Term Effects of Alcohol

  • Loss of Control When alcohol reaches the brain, thoughts and actions become less controlled.

  • Dizziness and Lack of Judgment A person who drinks a small amount of alcohol might feel lightheaded and warm. With more alcohol, the person could feel dizzy or tired. The person may act strangely and make poor decisions.

  • Intoxicationis the physical and mental changes produced by drinking alcohol.

6th Grade



Hard Liquor

6th Grade

Blood Alcohol ConcentrationBAC

  • BAC is a result of how much alcohol you drink and how quickly you drink it.

  • As BAC increases, mental and physical abilities decline. Moods are affected first, then physical abilities, then memory.

  • The legal BAC to operate a

    motor vehicleis .08

6th Grade

6th Grade

The #1 cause of death among teenagers is motor vehicle accidents.A majority of these accidents are alcohol related. Because….


  • Slows reaction time

  • Affects your vision

  • Makes you drowsy

  • Reduces your coordination

  • Affects your judgment

6th Grade

Why Do You Think A Person Tries Alcohol or Tobacco?

  • Pressure From Other People

    Pressure to try tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs can come from many places, including

    • Curiosity

    • Friends

    • Peers

    • Celebrities

6th Grade

Turn to your partner

6th Grade

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