Substance abuse
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Substance Abuse. Tobacco Lesson One. Affecting the Mind and Body. Tobacco Is A Drug: When people use tobacco, their bodies and minds feel different. Because tobacco causes these effects, it is considered to be a drug. Chemicals in Tobacco Products.

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Substance abuse

Substance Abuse


Lesson One

6th Grade

Affecting the mind and body
Affecting the Mind and Body

  • Tobacco Is A Drug: When people use tobacco, their bodies and minds feel different. Because tobacco causes these effects, it is considered to be a drug.

6th Grade

Chemicals in tobacco products
Chemicals in Tobacco Products

  • Nicotine is the addictive drug in tobacco. As the body grows tolerant to the drug’s presence a person feels uncomfortable without the drug.

  • Carbon Monoxide is the colorless, odorless gas found in cigarette smoke that blocks the oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.

  • Tar is a black, sticky substance found in tobacco that coats the lungs. Tar can keep the body from filtering out harmful particles in air.

6th Grade

Types of tobacco products
Types of Tobacco Products

  • Cigarettes

  • Chewing Tobacco

  • Snuff (Dip)

  • Pipe Tobacco

  • Cigars

  • Herbal Cigarettes

  • Electronic Cigarettes

6th Grade

Smokeless tobacco
Smokeless Tobacco

  • Chewing Tobacco is coarsely chopped tobacco leaves that contain flavorings and additives much like the tobacco in cigarettes

  • Dip finely chopped tobacco leaves. It is placed between the cheek and gum.

6th Grade

Short term effects of cigarettes
Short Term Effects of Cigarettes

  • Some short term effects of tobacco on your body are as follows:

    • Bad odor on hair and clothes

    • Bad breath and dulled taste buds

    • Yellowing teeth

    • Wrinkled skin

    • Shortness of breath

6th Grade

Tobacco related disease and death
Tobacco Related Disease and Death

  • Emphysema is a disease in which the lungs get so damaged that they cannot absorb enough oxygen.

  • Cancer Smoking tobacco can lead to lung and throat cancer. Smokeless tobacco can lead to cancer of the mouth, throat, or stomach.

6th Grade

Sources of secondhand smoke
Sources of Secondhand Smoke

  • Side Stream Smoke: smoke from the burning end of a cigarette. This smoke may have a higher concentration of chemicals.

  • Mainstream Smoke: smoke that is inhaled through a tobacco product and exhaled by a tobacco smoker

6th Grade

Effects of secondhand smoke on teens
Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Teens

All of the same issues as smokers!!!!!

In addition you are at risk for:

  • Reduced lung growth

  • Higher risk of respiratory illnesses including asthma

  • Increased number of ear infections

  • Increased risk of heart disease including strokes

6th Grade

What are some things you can do if you want to quit smoking
What Are Some Things You Can Do If You Want To Quit Smoking?

  • Decide that you can do it

  • Get started

  • Change your habits

  • Set goals

  • Get support

6th Grade

This is the end of tobacco lesson 1

This is the end of TobaccoLesson 1


6th Grade

Substance abuse1

Substance Abuse


Lesson Two

6th Grade

What is alcohol and why is it considered a drug
What Is Alcohol and Why Is It Considered a Drug?

Alcohol is a depressant. It is a drug because it changes a person’s physical and emotional state. As the body grows tolerant to the drug’s presence, a person feels uncomfortable without the drug.

6th Grade

Short term effects of alcohol
Short Term Effects of Alcohol

  • Loss of Control When alcohol reaches the brain, thoughts and actions become less controlled.

  • Dizziness and Lack of Judgment A person who drinks a small amount of alcohol might feel lightheaded and warm. With more alcohol, the person could feel dizzy or tired. The person may act strangely and make poor decisions.

  • Intoxicationis the physical and mental changes produced by drinking alcohol.

6th Grade



Hard Liquor

6th Grade

Blood alcohol concentration bac
Blood Alcohol ConcentrationBAC

  • BAC is a result of how much alcohol you drink and how quickly you drink it.

  • As BAC increases, mental and physical abilities decline. Moods are affected first, then physical abilities, then memory.

  • The legal BAC to operate a

    motor vehicleis .08

6th Grade

The #1 cause of death among teenagers is motor vehicle accidents.A majority of these accidents are alcohol related. Because….


  • Slows reaction time

  • Affects your vision

  • Makes you drowsy

  • Reduces your coordination

  • Affects your judgment

6th Grade

Why do you think a person tries alcohol or tobacco
Why Do You Think A Person Tries Alcohol or Tobacco? accidents.

  • Pressure From Other People

    Pressure to try tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs can come from many places, including

    • Curiosity

    • Friends

    • Peers

    • Celebrities

6th Grade

Turn to your partner
Turn to your partner accidents.

6th Grade