Intro to drug prevention
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Intro to Drug Prevention PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intro to Drug Prevention. Athey Creek Wellness. What is Drug Addiction???. Define the words “Drug” and “Addiction” in your own words. Define:. Drug: Any chemical substance that causes a physical or psychological change in the body.

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Intro to Drug Prevention

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Intro to Drug Prevention

Athey Creek Wellness

What is Drug Addiction???

Define the words “Drug” and “Addiction” in your own words.


  • Drug: Any chemical substance that causes a physical or psychological change in the body.

  • Addiction: a strong and harmful physiological or psychological need to regularly have something or do something.

What does it mean to abuse a Drug???

  • Using a drug as a habit

  • Use of a drug to an extent that it produces impairment of social, psychological or physiological functioning.

What do you Know?

  • What are some reasons people use and/or abuse drugs?

Reasons Teens start using Drugs

  • To Fit In

  • To Escape or Relax

  • To Relieve Boredom

  • To Seem Grown Up

  • To Rebel

  • To Experiment

  • “Chasing the High”

  • Peer Pressure

Types of Drugs

  • Stimulant- Speeds up heart rate and raises blood pressure.

  • Depressant- Slows down heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

  • Narcotic- Relieves pain.

  • Hallucinogen- Distorts perception, mood, thoughts, senses, and may cause hallucinations.

  • Inhalant- Breath in chemical vapors for a psychoactive (mind altering) effect.

  • Anabolic Steroid- For increased muscle size or increased athletic performance.

  • OTC- Drugs that are purchased without a prescription.

  • Prescription- Drugs prescribed by a doctor.


  • Define: a drug that temporarily quickens some vital process.

  • Main Types



    -Amphetamines (Meth)


    -Marijuana (acts as a stimulant by speeding heart rate)


  • Short Term Health Effects

    -Excess Energy

    - Increased Blood Pressure

    -Increased Heart Rate

    -Increased “Ticks”

    -Loss of Appetite





  • Long Term Health Effects


    -Extreme Weight Loss

    -Increased Aggression

    -Increased Risk of Heart Attack

    -Decreased Mental Processing

    -Visual and Auditory Hallucinations

    -Increased Suicidal and Homicidal Thoughts

    -Severe Dental Problems

    -Increased Skin Picking (real or imagined)

    -Increased look of aging



  • Define: A drug, that decreases the rate of some vital process.

  • Main Types


    -Barbiturates (Sedatives)

    -Benzodiazepines (for anxiety, insomnia, seizures)






  • Short Term Health Effects

    -Relaxes Muscles

    -Reduces Anxiety

    -Slurred Speech

    -Loss of Motor Function (staggering, dropping items)

    -Increases a Sense of Calmness

    -Decreased Inhibitions

    -Decreased Mental Processing


  • Long Term Health Effects


    -Impaired Memory


    -Respiratory problems



    -Increased suicidal thoughts

    -Increased look of aging


Who is Using Drugs??

  • Data from 3 million drug users.

What do you know?

  • What are some ways to help someone who is abusing drugs ?

Where to Get Help

  • Speak to a trusted adult

    -Parent or other family member



    -Guidance Councilor

  • Outside Organizations



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