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American indian nations
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American Indian Nations. Alive with Nature. The Naskapi. Northeast America.

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American Indian Nations

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American indian nations

American Indian Nations

Alive with Nature

The naskapi

The Naskapi

Northeast America


The whole world is filled with soul or Mantu; reality included the physical world as well as the spirits which inhabited it. The way the Naskapi contacted the spirits was via the Mista'peo, the Great Man. "The Great Man is the active, living soul of each person."


The shaman

A shaman was someone who knew how to control souls.

The Shaman

The universe

The Universe

  • The Universe for the Naskapi is explained in their myths. The trickster appears in the stories. Everyone's soul when it leaves the body resides in the stars; this is their concept of reincarnation. Knowing how to live with souls is fundamental to survival.

The hunt

Animals give themselves to hunters and the hunters must express their thanks to the animals by "respecting their carcasses and using them in the most economical way." Through dreams the hunter learns where the animals are and how to hunt them.

The Hunt

More hunt

The hunters must respect the animals. Some animals are guarded by special spirits. Many rituals signify the relationship between the hunted and the hunter.

More Hunt

The hopi

The Hopi

West America

The hopi1

The Hopi

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