Social Issues in Sports

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Sports and Social Mobility. Does sport really promote social mobility?Participating in sports increases the likelihood of improving a person's place in the stratification structureStudents who participate in sports are generally more successful in school than students who don't participate in spor

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Social Issues in Sports

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1. Social Issues in Sports Unit 7 Sports

2. Sports and Social Mobility Does sport really promote social mobility? Participating in sports increases the likelihood of improving a personís place in the stratification structure Students who participate in sports are generally more successful in school than students who donít participate in sports Does it promote social mobility for minorities? There is debate as to whether it promotes social mobility or if it diverts minorities away from academic or business skills Because of the lure of salaries and prestige, many minorities will fail develop an alternative plan, instead they will spend time refining their athletic skills at the expense of their education Of the over 1 million high school football players less than 1700 of them will make it to the NFL

3. Sport and Racism One example of systematic discrimination is stacking Stacking: assignment of players to less central positions on the basis of race or ethnicity Historically minorities have been placed in position that have not required leadership or decision making Where else do we see discrimination? Minority former athletes profit less from personal appearances/commercial endorsements than their white colleagues At the professional level there are few minorities represented in the power positions

4. Sexism in Sport Women as a minority have also experienced discrimination Gender definitions have survived since the days of Greek gods and goddesses. Gods: strong, powerful, competitive. Goddesses: passive, physically weak, unathletic As a result, these stereotypes have traditionally discouraged females from participating in sports Female athletes were seen as unfeminine, creating a stigma that prevented many from participating Sexism has denied females equal access to sports In 1972, Title IX passed, which required high schools and colleges offer females equal access to sports

5. Women and Discrimination Women are still struggling to gain equal access to the power structure in sports Majority of womenís collegiate teams are coached by men not women Women struggle to make it on the professional circuit, earning significantly less than men on the same sport tour There has been an increase in women represented in commercial endorsements

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