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Models? Best practices? Catalysts? How video-based materials can improve math instruction Barbara Miller Education Development CenterFebruary 18, 2011 Take a moment NOW to register at is free and easy and will provide you access to the entire Success at the Core website, which you will explore during this session. After you register, you will be sent an email instructing you to activate your account. (This may take 15-30 minutes.)


A free, online, research-based professional development toolkit designed to help leadership teams and teachers improve classroom instruction and school leadership capacity


Development Team

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)

A global nonprofit organization that creates innovative programs to address some of the world\'s most urgent challenges. EDC works with public and private sector partners to improve education, health promotion and care, workforce preparation, communication technologies, and civic engagement. We enjoy a worldwide reputation for our research, training, and educational materials used in all 50 states and in 35 countries. EDC activities range from seed projects to large-scale national and international initiatives.

For more information, go to

Vulcan Productions

The Seattle-based independent production company of Paul G. Allen, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft. Our films and documentaries have been nominated for five Academy Awards and have won Emmy, Peabody, Humanitas, Independent Spirit, and DuPont-Columbia awards. A partial list of credits includes: This Emotional Life; Evolution; Martin Scorsese Presents: The Blues; No Direction Home; and RX for Survival: A Global Health Challenge.

For more information, go to


Individual and Table Reflections

  • What are your expectations for video-based materials? What do you want to do with them?
  • Reflect individually, then talk with one or two others at your table about your expectations.
  • Or, try these questions:
  • What video-based materials have you used or reviewed?
  • What questions do you have about using video-based materials to improve math instruction?

Videos as…

  • Models to emulate
  • how to?
  • to see the good is to do the good
  • emphasis on what is happening, how does it work

Videos as…

  • Best practices to aspire to
  • what is it?
  • to see the good is to be inspired by the good
  • emphasis on why it’s best practices and what it is yielding

Videos as…

  • Catalysts for reflection
  • what is the significance?
  • to understand the good is part of doing the good
  • emphasis on to what end

One video

Element of Quality Instruction Assessment

Strategy Reviewing Homework

Featured Video Student-to-Student Assessment

Take a look at how students in Barbara Cleveland’s seventh grade math class work in small groups to review, revise and reflect on their homework.


One video

  • Assuming your goal is to improve math instruction, what do you want to do (what could you do) with this video?
  • Do you want to use it as a
  • model to emulate?
  • best practice to aspire to?
  • catalyst for reflection?

“No naked video”

  • Power of video is enhanced when used with surrounding materials
  • Video artifacts
  • Related Success at the Core videos
  • Videos from the field
  • Additional resources

Depth and Breadth

  • Leadership Development materials
  • Seven modules address schoolwide practices that improve student achievement, including using data effectively and focusing on quality instruction
  • Videos illustrate module topics and combine with readings, activities for reflection and planning , and inventories. 120- or 180-minute modules can be extended to include pre-assessments and an exploration of additional resources related to the topic
  • Designed for use by leadership teams or other teams of teachers
  • Teacher Development materials
  • 24 strategies show practices that teachers can add to their repertoire
  • Videos show in realclassrooms and are supplemented by instructional materials, lesson plan, teacher commentary and additional resources
  • Designed for use by teachers as individuals, in small groups or in large groups


  • Focuses on both instructional and leadership capacity
  • Uses an entirely web-based delivery system for all its programming
  • Supports and enhances the talents of in-house facilitators, eliminating the need for outside facilitators
  • Offers an “ideologically neutral” curriculum
  • Takes into account the political and technical challenges of working in a school
  • Makes use of research-based practices that are directly linked to student outcomes
  • Contains documentary-style videos that are authentic, that “look like me,” reflecting the feel of a real classroom

Videos: A Defining Feature

  • Include over six hours of high-quality video
    • - 21 videos feature leadership teams (Leadership Development modules)
    • - 24 videos feature classroom teachers (Teacher Development strategies)
  • Offer a vision of quality instruction
  • Tell the story by demonstrating what actually happened
  • in the classroom or on a school leadership team
  • Capture the work of the teacher and the students
  • Situates videos in professional learning materials to encourage deep learning, reflection, and improvement of practice

Explore and analyze

  • What are you looking to do with video-based materials?
  • How might you use SaC materials to that end?
  • Plan A: Individual or pair exploration of SaC materials
  • Plan B: Large group, guided reflection activity

Redux: Videos as

  • Model to emulate
  • how to?
  • to see the good is to do the good
  • emphasis on what is happening, how does it work
  • SaC wasn’t intended as models to emulate
  • because we think that more surround is needed for teachers to replicate in own classroom, unmediated
  • but we found that there may be enough surround, especially when supplemented with discussion with colleagues, own materials, and additional resources, to take strategy directly into classroom as a model

Redux: Videos as

  • Best practices to aspire to
  • what is it?
  • to see the good is to be inspired by the good
  • emphasis on why it’s best practices and what it is yielding
  • SaC intended as “best practices” to aspire to
  • because we think that good video is and can be inspirational and illustrative & access to teacher’s thinking through video interview and teacher commentary helps
  • and we found that these materials are inspirational and, more important, illustrative of at least good practice, without making claim that this is ideal practice

Redux: Videos as

  • Catalyst for reflection
  • what is the significance?
  • to understand the good is part of doing the good
  • emphasis on to what end
  • SaC intended as catalysts for reflection
  • because we think that video + materials, designed for use with others, support reflection and interpretation of practice & that these skills can be used with many strategies (i.e., many videos)
  • and we found that these materials, given their flexibility in design, can support different kinds of reflection in different settings, with different populations (new and veteran teachers; within and cross-discipline; pre-service and inservice)

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