Nouns Person, Place or Thing

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Nouns Person, Place or Thing

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1. Nouns Person, Place or Thing Fourth Grade Peggy Hyde

2. Proper Nouns Proper Nouns A proper noun names a specific person, place or thing A proper noun is always capitalized Examples of Proper Nouns People: Paul, Mark, Sandy, Helen, Rover Places: Bountiful City, Zions National Park Things: Bernina Sewing Machine, Wall Ball

3. Common Nouns Common Nouns People, places or things that are not specific Common Nouns are not capitalized Examples of common nouns People: boy, girl, husband, sister Places: ocean, park, seaside Things: ball, tree, house, machine

4. Pronouns Pronouns A pronoun takes the place of a noun It is not capitalized unless it is the beginning word in a sentence Examples of pronouns He, she, it, her, them, him

5. Noun Assignment Correct the following sentence. Make sure you capitalize all proper nouns. I remember when sam came to salt lake city, utah to see our city. It was fun for him to see the city and he especially liked hogle zoo.

6. Pronoun Practice Edit the following sentence, changing all nouns to pronouns. John really wants to ride on the ferris wheel at Lagoon this summer.

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