How to start a business in abu dhabi
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How to start business in Abu Dhabi ? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

UAE is a well-known for its business climate.This presentation describes important information which should be remembered while starting a business in Abu Dhabi.

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How to start business in Abu Dhabi ?

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How to start a business in abu dhabi




  • The UAE is an ideal place to start a business, given the number of free trade zones and generous government support.

  • Abu Dhabi Airport Business City (ADABC) is a free trade zone known for its nurturing business climate.

How to start business in abu dhabi

  • The transparent procedures involved in business formation means the entire process, from application to incorporation, is completed in just a few days.

  • ADABC requires businesses to complete a few essential steps, following which business licenses are issued.

How to start business in abu dhabi

  • Here are the steps are involved in forming a company in Abu Dhabi:

1 decide the type of business activity

1.Decide the type of business activity

  • The first step in setting up a company is to decide the type of business activity/activities.

  • After that, the process for obtaining a business license will be initiated.


    The fees and licensing requirements for company formation change according to the type of business activity.

2 decide the legal form

2. Decide the legal form

Different legal forms:

  • Public shareholding company

  • Private shareholding company

  • Limited liability company

  • Partnerships


    The legal form of the company is decided based on the type of business activity.

3 register the trade name

3. Register the trade name

After finalizing the activity and the legal form of the company, a trade name must be chosen to distinguish it from other businesses in the region.

Trade name should be:

  • Unique

  • Suit the nature of activity

  • Conform with company’s legal form

4 issuing initial approval

4. Issuing initial approval

  • The initial approval certificate can be obtained by paying the required fees and submitting a specified set of documents.

  • The initial approval certificate allows the business to initiate proceedings toward obtaining a business license.

5 approval from concerned authorities

5. Approval from concerned authorities

  • Licensing procedures can be set in motion after receiving the initial approval from the concerned authorities.

  • The application status can be checked online.

6 issuance of license

6. Issuance of license:

  • The business license is a certificate that enables an individual or company to practice a business activity as stipulated by law.

  • Business licenses are issued by the Department of Economic Development after approvals by the concerned authorities.

Major types of business licenses

Major Types of Business Licenses

  • Commercial License - Issued to company owners practicing general business activities

  • Agricultural License - Issued to companies engaging in agricultural activities

How to start business in abu dhabi

  • Professional License - Issued to individuals who practice a particular profession, or create and sell items on their own

  • Occupational License - Issued to professionals who rely on their physical, mental or intellectual abilities to run their business

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