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Presented by… The Advising Center . Welcome to Ocean County College. New Student Orientation. Acknowledgements: Text by Geraldine McGinty and Sandra Williams Power Point Presentation created and updated by Michele Ann Connolly, Coordinator of Orientation Revised 03/2008.

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The Advising Center 

Welcome to Ocean County College

New Student Orientation

Acknowledgements: Text by Geraldine McGinty and Sandra Williams

Power Point Presentation created and updated by Michele Ann Connolly, Coordinator of Orientation

Revised 03/2008


Steps To Success

Feeling overwhelmed with the adjustments you need to make and the tasks you need to perform your first year of college ?

The best way to ensure your success (and sanity) is to set up a well-thought out academic plan.

  • College is a unique experience in your life !
  • Enjoy all of the new things you are learning, people you are meeting, and experiences you are having.

Steps To Success

  • What are your goals and what’s needed to accomplish each one?
  • Re-evaluate your goals on a regular basis.
  • Are you achieving them? If not, why?
  • Are they realistic?

Steps To Success

  • Your first year in college is a critical one!
  • You will be making decisions that will have a lasting effect on your studies.
  • Meet with your assigned advisor each semester to ensure you are meeting your degree requirements !
    • Your advisor’s name will be listed in “My Profile” in your Web Advisor account.
  • Make educated decisions!
You are responsible for understanding your degree requirements and completing them by the time you graduate.

You are responsible for knowing academic standards and policies based on published information.

You are responsible for knowing and observing all academic calendar deadlines stated in thecatalog !

You are responsible for logging in to your Web Advisor account to check grades, register for courses, complete Program Evaluations, etc.

You are responsible for checking your Ocean Cruiser campus email!Be sure to register for “My Cruiser Alert”:

Emergency Alert

Receive all campus-wide Emergency Alerts on your mobile device *

College Closed

This channel will be used for any type of school delays or closings.

Steps To Success


Information is just a click away at Ocean County College !


Getting Started

Testing and Placement: What do the scores mean to me ?

  • The College Skills Assessment Testassesses skills in:
      • Reading Comprehension
      • Writing
      • Algebra
  • A student needing developmental English must enroll in the course immediately.
  • Developmental courses cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements, therefore, students enrolled in developmental courses may need to attend OCC for additional semesters in order to satisfy specific program degree requirements.

Can I Challenge The Test?


  • If you feel your scores do not reflect your true ability, call or stop at the Testing Center to schedule a Challenge Test.
  • College Placement Challenge Testing - By Appointment OnlyCall 732.255.0400 ext 2240 to schedule an appointment: Thursdays 8:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m.. 1:30 p.m. & 4:40 p.m.
  • The fee for each section challenged is $5.00.
        • Students entering OCC who are non-native speakers of English, identified as needing English language training, will be referred to the ESL program for assistance.

The Developmental Courses

ENGL 091: Reading and Writing I:

This course is required for students whose placement test results indicate they need to develop their reading and writing skills before beginning college-level coursework.

  • The focus in this course is on improving students\' vocabulary and reading comprehension as a means for improving their ability to express ideas in writing.
  • Students will read a text and then write about it as preparation for the kinds of reading and writing they will do in their other college courses.
  • A minimum grade of C must be earned to progress to the next course in the composition sequence.

The Developmental Courses

ENGL 095: Reading and Writing II:

ENGL 095 is required for students who need a second level developmental English course as preparation for college-level coursework. The course builds on and expands fundamental reading and writing skills taught in ENGL 091.

  • Instruction focuses on reading strategies for college work and on the process of composing essays, primarily in an academic voice.
  • A minimum of 2500 words of finished writing will be assigned, supported by intensive reading and language study.
  • One hour weekly is taught in a computer laboratory. A minimum grade of C must be earned to progress to ENGL 151.

Required Courses For Students

Needing Developmental English

Students needing ENGL 091, Reading and Writing I are restricted to a LIMITED LOAD, 12-14 credits. Each student will also enroll in:

  • ACAD-155: Student Success
  • Developmental Math (if needed)
  • 1-2 courses from the LIMITED LOAD LIST

Center For Academic Services

  • A Comprehensive Support Center for College Students with Disabilities.
  • The Center For Academic Services provides an array of services for students with disabilities.
  • While the Center For Academic Services serves all students with disabilities, a special program within the Center For Academic Services, Project Academic Skills Support (P.A.S.S.), is specifically designed to assist college students who have learning disabilities.
  • The Center For Academic Services is located in the Ocean County College Library.

Phone: (732) 255 -0456FAX: (732) 255-0458TTY: (732) 255 -0424


College Level Math Test

  • This placement test is required of all students who want to register for Pre-Calculus or a higher-level course.
  • The only exceptions are those students who have successfully completed the OCC prerequisite course, listed in the catalog, for the desired course
  • The test helps assess proficiency in College Algebra through Pre-Calculus topics.
  • You may not register for Pre-Calculus or higher today, unless you have already taken the College Level Math Test.

Choosing Your Degree And

Selecting Your Major

  • For each major there is a curriculum guidelisting of all the courses required to complete each program of study.
  • Spend time reading the OCC Catalogif you’re unsure of what to major in.
  • Take a variety of courses in subjects that interest you to find out what areas motivate you and spark your enthusiasm.
  • Seek advice from advisors, the career center, faculty, and friends. Gather lots of information!
  • For those of you who are unsure or exploring, visit the Career Center, located in the Administration Building, across from Financial Aid.

Call 732-255-0400 x 2947 to make an appointment.


Degrees Offered At OCC

  • Associate of Arts (A.A)
      • Liberal Arts
      • General Studies
  • Associate of Science (A.S)
      • Degrees geared towards a specific area of study
        • For college students who begin their studies at a community college, A.A. and A.S. programs should transfer in full.
          • The student is responsible to make elective choices that are consistent with the intended major and the requirements of the four-year college or university.
  • Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S)
      • Degree awarded to students who successfully complete programs which emphasize preparation in the applied arts and sciences for careers, typically at the technical or semi-professional level.
        • Note: The A.A.S may not always be the right choice if you are intending to transfer.

Transferring To Another College

  • Students who wish to transfer from Ocean County College require careful planning.
  • Through online services, the Academic Advising staff can help you access information on two- and four-year colleges/universities.
  • Advisors will help you plan your course of study to parallel the first two years at the four-year institution where you plan to transfer.
  • Students interested in transferring should meet with an advisor early in their career with OCC.
  • Visit the Advising page on the OCC website for all your transfer needs !!!!!!!!!!

Transfer Services

Visit the OCC website to link to Kean University for direct transfer programs!


Full-Time vs. Part-Time

  • Students who register for 12 or more credits are considered full-time. Many students need to be full-time in order to qualify for insurance, athletic eligibility, or financial aid.
  • In order to graduate in two years, you should complete 16 credits per semester, or, 32 credits per year.
  • A minimum of 64 credits are needed to graduate with an associate degree; however, a few programs require more than 64 credits.
      • Again, developmental credits do not count towards this total.

Payment ! ! !

  • Payment is due at registration.
  • Payment can be made by cash, check, OR credit card.
  • A payment plan is available.
  • Courses must be dropped before the semester begins to be relieved of the financial obligation.
  • NJSTARS students need to go to Financial Aid after registration to ensure your account is protected.
  • Visit the EOF office to see if you qualify for additional assistance.

Students must apply for all federal and state financial aid available to them. NJ STARS will cover the remaining cost of tuition and approved fees.

  • Students must maintain a continuous full-time enrollment at a New Jersey county college.
  • Students must be enrolled in an associate degree program at a New Jersey county college.
  • Students have 2 years after high school graduation to enroll.
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in their first year of enrollment.
  • Students may use their NJ STARS scholarship at another county college if their local county college does not offer their desired program of study.
  • NJSTARS students need to go to Financial Aid after registration to ensure your account is protected.

How Do I Make A Schedule?

  • Trial schedules are worksheets used to plan your schedule for each semester.
  • The trial schedule is a visual aid for your individual use.
  • You design your schedule based on your individual needs and learning styles.
  • Have a balance between school, work, and other responsibilities.
  • Plan for breaks in-between classes.
  • Try to be here as many days as possible so you do not have too many courses in any given day. It will also allow you to be involved in clubs, organizations, athletics, etc.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time outside of class to complete assignments.

Alternatives To The Daily Commute

Distance Education

  • Distance education provides students with the opportunity to take college courses without a daily commute to campus.
  • Students complete all or much of their coursework in the comfort of their own home at their own pace within the same semester time frame as traditional in-class students.
  • Students can choose from one of the following distance education formats to best meet their educational needs to complete their coursework

Alternatives To The Daily Commute

Online = DL section designation:

DL sections are fully online courses. Students complete all coursework online, including all interactions with their professor and classmates, using any internet-connected computer. Most DL courses administer course tests online but some may require

proctored tests on campus or at an approved test site. Check the online syllabus for details. A $100 course fee will be applied per DLsection (maximum $300 per student per term).

On-Site/Online = OSOL section designation:

Students meet only once-a-week in a traditional class setting and complete the remainder of their coursework online.

Home Study = H section designation:

Students complete coursework on their own using a combination of textbooks, study guides and video lessons. Students meet with their professor in a traditional class setting at least fi ve (5) times during the semester. Some instructors may use online interactions as part of the course.

Home Study Science Lab – HLB section designation:

Students attend the one or two-day science lecture on-campus. Science labs are self-directed and performed by the students at their home. Students must purchase an At Home Science Kit for an additional fee.


Steps For Registering Your Courses

  • You MUST transfer the information from your Trial Schedule to your Registration Form…
    • We need to make sure the courses you are registering for are appropriate based on your major and placement test results. Your registration form shows us what your intended major is, as well as your test results.
  • An Advisor MUST approve your schedule…
    • While you are waiting for an advisor to approve your schedule, please complete the Orientation Evaluation Survey………it is only 7 questions 
  • When your schedule has been approved, the Advisor or Student Orientation Leader will assist you in setting up your WebAdvisor ID and Password so you can register online.

Web Advisor Demonstration


WebAdvisor allows you to:

  • Create a user account
  • Access your Financial Aid information
  • Search and Register for classes
  • Access your Academic Profile to see
    • Grades
    • GPA
    • Transcript
    • Complete a program evaluation for a different major


Off Campus Section Locations

  • A......... Kimball Medical Center
  • BB .......Center for Business Education and Training, 150 Brick Blvd
  • BG ...... Barnegat High School
  • BT ....... Brick Memorial High School
  • JL........ Jackson Liberty High School
  • K......... Lakewood High School
  • L.......... Lakehurst Career & Tech Inst
  • M........ Manchester High School
  • MD ..... Monsignor Donovan High School
  • MT ...... Mates Building, Manahawkin
  • N........New Egypt Middle School
  • P......... Pt Pleasant Boro High School
  • Q ........ Brick High School

Section Legend

0 Day

E Evening

W Weekend Sat or Sun

DL Distance Learning

H Home Study (meet 5 times in 15 weeks)

HLAB Home Study Science Lab

LC Learning Community

OSOL Class conducted both on-site and online

CR Chat Room Required

90 “Honors Only”

OP Restricted!


M Monday







  • R......... Pinelands Reg High School
  • S ......... Southern Reg Middle School
  • SEC.... Southern Education Center, Manahawkin
  • ST....... Stafford Twp Interm School
  • TE ....... Toms River High School East
  • TN ...... Toms River HS North
  • TS...... Toms River High School South
  • U........Ocean County Voc School
  • V .........Central Regional High School
  • X......... Southern Regional High School
  • Y ......... Lacey Twp High School