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Petito Pricipii. Such a carefree, light headed being-- twirling in circles you finally did yourself in for lack of a logical grounding. You’ll be remembered because you are part of our memory. February, 2012. Named by Aristotle…circular reasoning. You knew famous people.

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petito pricipii


Such a carefree, light headed being-- twirling in circles you finally did yourself in for lack of a logical grounding. You’ll be remembered because you are part of our memory.

February, 2012


“This is something we should all believe because everyone believes it.”

“Everyone is doing it

so it’s obviously right.”

“I think he is unattractive

because he is ugly.”

We told you you had a great resume but you needed another reference. You said you’d ask Mrs. Harrell, and when we asked you how we could know she was a valid reference you said it was because you could vouch for her. (oh, we’ll miss that circular reasoning)

You would always define your vocabulary words by using the word being defined (how precious)

your business ventures
Your Business ventures

Your first love remembers you

A keepsake Your business ventures

Your most famous saying


“Paranormal phenomena exists because I’ve experienced what can only be described as paranormal.”

“This painting is trash because

it’s obviously worthless.”

“She’s incapable of making decisions because she’s incompetent.”

You always assumed

what you claimed to be proving.

You never learned to support your argument.


And now a brief tribute

from out of town relatives

Begging The Question

Kelsey Turner and Chelsey White

definition of fallacy
Definition of Fallacy
  • Begging the question is also known as circular reasoning.
  • "Begging the question" is a form of logical fallacy in which a statement or claim is assumed to be true without evidence other than the statement or claim itself. When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place.
universal example
Universal Example
  • John: "God must exist." Jane: "How do you know." John: "Because the Bible says so." Jane: "Why should I believe the Bible?" John: "Because the Bible was written by God."
examples from the crucible
Examples from The Crucible
  • Act 1, Page 185:

Rebecca: Goody Ann! You sent a child to conjure up the dead?

Mrs Putnam: Let god blame me, not you, not you, Rebecca! I’ll not have judging me any more! Is it natural work to lose 7 children before they live a day?

She says that her kids are dying because of a curse, but there is no way that this could possibly happen. So she is blaming something on another event without reasoning.

example from the crucible
Example from The Crucible
  • Act 3, page 207

Martha Corey: I am innocent to a witch. I know not what a witch is.

Hathorne: How do you know, then, that you are not a witch?

She claims she’s not a witch, but Hathorne wants to know how she knows she’s not a witch if she doesn’t know what a witch really is.


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Begging the Question, Circular Reasoning

we will be watching for memories of you