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GLAST LAT Tracker Delta Manufacturer Readiness Review for Tray Assembly and Test at G&A

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GLAST LAT Tracker Delta Manufacturer Readiness Review for Tray Assembly and Test at G&A - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GLAST LAT Tracker Delta Manufacturer Readiness Review for Tray Assembly and Test at G&A. Luca Latronico INFN-Pisa [email protected] Relevant Documents. LAT-PS-01801 Integration of TMCM and SSD Ladders onto Tracker Trays

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Delta Manufacturer Readiness Review for Tray Assembly and Test at G&A

Luca Latronico


[email protected]

relevant documents
Relevant Documents

LAT-PS-01801 Integration of TMCM and SSD Ladders onto Tracker Trays

released – MRB on wire-bonds encapsulation removal requires sigantures approval

LAT-PS-03534 Single Tray Electrical Test Plan


Production company: G&A Engineering, Carsoli-Oricola (AQ)

assembly and test flow chart
INFN provides G&A with tray panels, TMCMs, ladders, (and their relative locations on the tray) + Nusil adhesives

Alignment jig (WS-B1) provides:

TMCM planarity

Pitch adapter planarity

Bonding pads alignment (HV and shield pads)

Dry assembly test to check TMCM connectors clearance

Adhesive distribution (WS-B2)

Assembly of TMCM onto tray (WS-B3)

Metrology (WS-B4)

Wire bonding (WS-B5)

Electrical tests (WS-B6)

Current production rate ramping up:

need to match CC pocket and MCM connector depth

extra screening on TMCM pitch adapter (missing connections on signal strips and HV lines – PA debondings)

alignment jig

Assembly and test flow-chart

WS-A Material receiving

and inspection

WS-B TMCM Integration

assembly and test flow chart1
Ladder test (WS-C1)

Tray Z positioning under CMM (WS-C2)

50m wrt nominal position

Ladder positioning on the bridges (WS-C3)

Alignment from bridge itself used as reference and excellent alignment of SSD inside ladder (~2 mm RMS)

Glue deposition (WS-C4)

19 spots of siliconic glue/SSD

4 spots conductive glue + 1 unbroken line across ladders

Ladder assembly (WS-C5)

Ladder metrology (WS-C6)

Ladder height 0.250.1 mm

Ladders relative parallelism of 0.1 mm

Wire bonding (WS-C6)

Destructive pull tests on coupons (>5g each)

Visual inspection

Functional test by INFN with tray inside box


DRB and shipping to INFN

Ladder assembly tools

Assembly and test flow-chart

WS-C Ladders integration

WS-D Final disposition

availability of components and tools
Availability of components and tools
  • Bare panel trays after TVAC test in Roma2
    • 27 trays available – planned supply is 4trays/day
  • SSD Ladders from G&A and Mipot
    • ~1400 ladders available - 400 more from G&A (200 to test, 200 being built) – 900 will be built from Mipot asap
  • MCM from SLAC through quick functional verification at INFN-Pisa
    • Currently 38+32
    • Could match 14 trays (26 TMCMs) from first lot of 38 because of connector stick-out issue
    • 6 TMCMs sent back to SLAC for PA debondings
  • Nusil at G&A for ~3/4 of tray production
  • G&A tools
    • TMCM alignment tools: 5
    • Ladder integration tools (tray alignment + ladder bridges): 6
    • CMM: 2 (1 for alignments, 1 for metrology)
    • Glue dispenser: 2
    • wire-bonder: 2
    • 2 working shifts per day to grant production rate of 4 trays/day
  • EGSE for functional tests
    • 1 full EGSE system installed at G&A and operated by INFN
data exchange with infn pisa
Data exchange with INFN-Pisa
  • From INFN to GA:
    • List of subparts (ladders and TMCM) from INFN-Pisa
  • From GA to INFN:
    • List of subparts with G&A reference SNs (neede for tray box)
    • Progress of assembly (weekly)
  • Quality Assurance
    • Rely on G&A certified QA program for internal activity
    • Handle major NCR notified from G&A (MARECO) with Pisa system
tower 0 tray production
Tower 0 tray production
  • 14 complete trays assembled (27 TMCMs and SSD Ladder planes)
    • 23 Si layers were within specs
    • 4 Si layers had short for problems related to bias circuit delamination
  • All went through thermal tests
    • 4 Si layers (bottom side of heavy trays) had many disconnected channels because of CTE mismatch impact on wire-bond encapsulation  MRB on wire-bond encapsulation
  • 23 SSD layers operated successfully up to now
metrology of ladders alignment







silicon #1

silicon #2

silicon #3

silicon #4

Pin 1

Pin 3




MCM side




Pin 2

Pin 4




Metrology of ladders alignment

Metrology: with a CMM with interchangeable mechanical-optical heads, the positions of 12 “C” markers, 3 for each ladders, and the positions of the MCM alignment pins are measured on both sides of the tray.

functional test results leakge current
Functional test results – leakge current

079MID front: 1.67 uA @ 150 V

079MID back: 1.85 uA @ 150 V

050MID front: 2.02 uA @ 150 V

050MID back: 1.77 uA @ 150 V

functional test results trigger rates vs threshold
Functional test results – trigger rates vs threshold

079MID back

079MID front

050MID front

050MID back

functional tests results bad channels
Functional tests results – bad channels
  • Total number of bad channels well within specs (16 max)
  • High reliability of PA screening test on TMCM
  • High yield of wire-bonding
  • Assembly and test procedures well tuned and tested on EM trays and tower 0
  • G&A moving rapidly to planned production rate
  • High yield of assembly so far
    • > 100 ladders glued and wire-bonded with no failures and well within specs
  • Tower A production well within specs
    • Leakage current
    • Noise and thresholds performance
    • Bad channels