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Connectathon Registration in Gazelle. Part 2 of 3: System Registration Entering test system(s), profiles, actors, options. Steps to complete registration:. Create user account(s) in gazelle; enter contact info Enter your test system details (This presentation)

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Connectathon registration in gazelle

Connectathon Registration in Gazelle

Part 2 of 3:

System Registration

Entering test system(s), profiles, actors, options

Steps to complete registration
Steps to complete registration:

  • Create user account(s) in gazelle; enter contact info

  • Enter your test system details(This presentation)

  • Generate your connectathon contract

    (then mail it in and pay your fees!)

Concept 1 a system
Concept 1:A ‘System’

  • In gazelle, a ‘system’ represents a set of IHE profiles, actors and options an organization wants to test.

  • The Connectathon Policies & Guidelines doc says, “The Connectathon is designed to test healthcare IT systems and related devices that may be implemented in real-world healthcare settings to aid the system in achieving health IT interoperability requirements. Each system registered shall be an integrated and reasonable collection of IHE Actors and Profiles.”

  • Connectathon fees are based on the number of systems your organization enters into gazelle.

Concept 2 a testing session
Concept 2:A ‘Testing Session’

  • In gazelle, a ‘testing session’ represents an event, most typically a connectathon, at which several organizations present test systems for the purpose of interoperability testing

  • All related information is collected under that testing session

    • Registration details (what will they test?)

    • Configurations (how will they connect?)

    • Test instances & evidence (what did they do?)

    • Test results (how did they perform?)

Concept 3 profiles actors options
Concept 3:Profiles/Actors/Options

  • In gazelle registration, your product’s capabilities must be expressed in terms of profiles, actors, and options defined in IHE Technical Frameworks

  • Some first-time participants struggle with this translation. Seek help from a connectathon manager (before the registration deadline!!)

Concept 4 mandatory groupings
Concept 4:Mandatory groupings

  • Colloquially: “Profile Dependencies”

  • Some IHE profiles reference other profiles as prerequisites; in profile language, this is referred to as a “Mandatory grouping”

    • Eg all actors in the XDS.b profile shall be grouped with (ie must also implement) the Secure Node or Secure Application actor in the ATNA profile

  • You are responsible for understanding these requirements and properly registering your system in gazelle

    • Gazelle helps identify these, but is not perfect

Entering test systems
Entering test systems

  • Two choices in gazelle

    • Create the entry for your system from scratch

    • Copy a system from a previous test session and modify as needed

A note on system names
A note on System Names

  • We do not refer to product names during the connectathon; we do not report results per system

  • Your system is given a name that is a combination of acronyms, eg


    • XDSb_REG_IBM

    • EHR_EPIC

    • OTHER_GE_ehealth_solutions


How to
How to…

…enter system details in gazelle…