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Anonymous. By: Brandon Garnett. Why People A re A gainst T hem. Have few limits They go to extreme measures Hard to stop them Not aware of their cause. Why T heir C ause I s Important. Can do things others can’t

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By: Brandon Garnett

why people a re a gainst t hem
Why People Are Against Them
  • Have few limits
  • They go to extreme measures
  • Hard to stop them
  • Not aware of their cause
why t heir c ause i s important
Why Their Cause Is Important
  • Can do things others can’t
  • Just are promoting their cause of no censorship
  • They don’t physically harm anyone
  • Public becomes more educated about Anonymous
  • Anonymous cuts back on some of their more extreme acts
  • Anonymous helps out police more like they did with child pornography sites
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  •  Good MLA format — but where were these citation in the text?

Overall Comments: None of this was bad work, & I agree w/ the respondents about your strong points (their report is below). Overall, though, this fascinating subject didn’t get the five minutes it deserved. You never effectively balanced the pro & con elements to demonstrate that a real mediation was needed. Rather, you spent most of your time supporting Anonymous. The video, for instance, was a good addition — but you allowed it to run on too long, considering it was by Anonymous, & very much pro-Anonymous. The dangers of the group’s actions were touched on, rather than developed. Not surprisingly, then, your “Mediation” slide proved pretty vague, saying little more than would be obvious to anyone w/ a nodding acquaintance of the group. Still, fine subject & some good moments. B