scramble for africa
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Scramble for Africa

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Scramble for Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scramble for Africa. Imperialism in the 1800’s. How does the image below reflect European Countries ideals on imperialism?. Africa Before European Domination. Divided amongst ethnic and linguistic groups

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scramble for africa

Scramble for Africa

Imperialism in the 1800’s

africa before european domination
Africa Before European Domination
  • Divided amongst ethnic and linguistic groups
  • Europeans had little contact with interior Africans due to disease, travel of the rivers and African military.
  • Missionaries, explores and humanitarians were the only humans to explore the interior of Africa
dr livingstone i presume the great
Dr. Livingstone, I presume?The great
  • Dr. Livingstone sparks the imperialistic race in the Congo.
    • Went on a mission trip for years. People thought he was dead.
    • Henry Stanley, a U.S. reporter was hired to go find him. He did.
    • Stanley continued to explore Africa himself. He was contacted by King Leopold III to negotiate for land.
    • This sparks the French, GB, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain to start claiming parts of Africa.
forces driving imperialism in africa
Forces Driving Imperialism in Africa
  • The industrial revolution
    • Looking for new markets and raw materials
  • European Superiority
    • Racism- they are better then everyone
    • Social Darwinism- survival of the fittest
    • To civilize and westernize the people
  • Advances in technology
    • Machine guns (Maxim), steam engines, a drug created in 1829 to protect them from malaria
  • Africa had no Unity
    • Europeans used the rival groups against each other.
the division of africa
The Division of Africa
  • GOLD! DIAMONDS! Europeans colonize more!!!
  • Berlin Conference 1884-1885
    • 14 European countries met
    • Decided on how to divide the continent
    • **no African King was invited and they paid little attention to different ethnic and linguistic differences.
  • Demand for raw materials
three groups clash over south africa africans british and dutch
Three Groups Clash over South Africa: Africans, British and Dutch
  • Zulus fights the British
    • Shaka-Zulu chief created a large central state in S.A. with a good military
    • British nearly beat the Zulu, but eventually won and took power in 1887
  • Boers and the British Settle in the Cape
    • Dutch were the first to settle in S.A. (Boers=farmers)
    • Clash over land and slaves
  • Boer War
    • First modern “total” war due to “outsiders” invading and taking political reigns.
    • Black South Africans were played roles in the war such as: scouts, guards, drivers, and workers.
    • Great Britain won