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RETAKING healthcare. W ELCOME. The changing healthcare environment. W ELCOME. A world of opportunity. INTRODUCTION. Lack of HYGIENE in Hospitals. HAI’s are getting WORSE. Triple S #62 PERISEPT Sporicidal Disinfectant. Triple S Solutions. Healthcare Opportunity. People turning 65 in USA:

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RETAKING healthcare

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Retaking healthcare

RETAKING healthcare

W elcome


The changing healthcare environment

W elcome1


A world of opportunity



Lack of HYGIENE in Hospitals

HAI’s are getting WORSE

Triple S #62 PERISEPT Sporicidal Disinfectant

Triple S Solutions

Healthcare opportunity

Healthcare Opportunity

People turning 65 in USA:

- 316 Every Hour

- 7,596 Everyday

- 2.8MM in 2011

Source: USA Today

Healthcare opportunity1

Healthcare Opportunity

WHAT do we Know?

America's 78 million Baby Bloomers will begin turning 65 at a rate of one every 10 seconds.

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) continue to be a problem in healthcare settings.

Environmental Services continue to struggle due to turnover and training.

Healthcare expenditures

Healthcare Expenditures

  • 1980 – $256 Million

  • 2010 – Approximately $2.6 Trillion or 17.9% of the United States GDP

  • Projected to Represent One-Fifth of the US Economy by 2021

Healthcare opportunity2

Healthcare Opportunity

The Changing Healthcare Environment

In today’s Environment of the Healthcare setting, regardless of departmental functions, we are in the fight to SAVE lives...


Healthcare opportunity3

Healthcare Opportunity

The Changing Healthcare Environment

Restaurants and cruise ships are inspected for cleanliness.

Food processing plants are tested for bacterial content on cutting boards and equipment.

Disturbing data


LACK of HYGIENE in Hospitals

Researchers who examined 49 operating rooms found that more than half of the objects that should have been disinfected were overlooked.

Disturbing data1


LACK of HYGIENE in Hospitals

A study of patient rooms in 20 hospitals found that more than half the surfaces that should have been cleaned for new patients were left dirty.

Disturbing data2


LACK of HYGIENE in Hospitals

An occupied room clean will take approximately 18 to 25 minutes per room.

A Terminal clean will take approximately 40 to 60 minutes per room.

Disturbing data3


HAI’s are getting WORSE

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) continue to be a problem in healthcare settings:

  • HAIs account for:

    • Estimated 1.7 million infections annually

    • 99,000 associated deaths each year

  • HAIs affect 5 to 10% of hospitalized patients annually

  • HAIs add over $30 to 45 billion to healthcare costs each year

Disturbing data4


HAI’s are getting WORSE

Disturbing data5



HAI’s are getting WORSE

Disturbing data6



HAI’s are getting WORSE

Disturbing data7


HAI’s are getting WORSE

Approximately two-thirds (64%) of those surveyed stated it, C. diff is their primary concern.

Disturbing data8


HAI’s are getting WORSE

  • C.difficile causes 30,000 deaths each year.

  • C. diff related hospital stays tripled in the last decade.

  • 94% of all C. diff infections are connected to getting medical care:

    • 25% of these infections first show symptoms in hospital patients.

    • 75% first show in nursing homes and or people recently cared for in doctor’s offices or clinics.

Disturbing data9


HAI’s are getting WORSE

  • Per patient hospital costs can increase from $2,500 to $7,000 per patient because of C. difficile related infections.

  • C.difficile infections cost at least $1 billion in extra healthcare costs annually.

Recent Data shows statistics could be could be as much as 8 times the number reported due to lack of reporting!!!

Healthcare offering

Healthcare Offering

  • PERISEPT is part of a broad Healthcare Bundle

  • The Bundle includes:

    - Healthcare Focused Products

    - Healthcare Specific Training

    - YOU, the local service provider and Cleaning

    & Maintenance Consultant

Perisept sporicidal disinfectant cleaner

PERISEPT Sporicidal Disinfectant Cleaner

  • 2 Minute C-diff and Multiple MDRO Claims

  • 5 Minute Hepatitis B & C Claim

  • 1:32 Concentrate

  • Much, Much Lower Vinegar Odor

  • Only Available in a Navigator Dilution Control System (Misco)

Descending order of resistance to germicidal chemicals

Descending Order of Resistance to Germicidal Chemicals

  • Tb is an airborne transmitted disease

  • Higher level of concern controlling surface bacteria such as C.diff, MRSA, and Staph in healthcare

  • By order of resistance to germicides/disinfectant; high level disinfectants such as Perisept are the best products to reduce HAI.

Perisept v sanotracin conc

PERISEPT v. Sanotracin Conc.



MSRP Cost in Use per Qt. = $6.79

Concentration Level of HP in RTU Dilution = 4.0%

Concentration Level of Peroxyacetic Acid in RTU Dilution = 0.20%

  • MSRP Cost in USE per Qt.


  • Concentration Level of HP in RTU Dilution = 0.83%

  • Concentration Level of Peroxyacetic Acid in RTU Dilution = 0.18%

Perisept v sanotracin conc1

PERISEPT v. Sanotracin Conc.


  • PERISEPT has a MUCH Lower Cost-in-Use

  • Vinegar Odor Characteristic of PERISEPT is MUCH, MUCH Lower than Sanotracin.

    The new smell of clean.

Triple s healthcare solutions

Triple S Healthcare Solutions

Training & Measurement Tools:

  • CleanSpec Environmental Surface Monitoring System

  • Bridging the Gap EVS Training Program

    ˃ 3-Set DVD (English & Spanish)

    ˃ Guidebook& Testing Materials

    ˃ Certificates of Completion

    ˃ Employee Record Keeping Documents

  • GHS Training

    ˃ PowerPoint Presentation

    ˃ Wall Chart

    - Bloodborne Pathogen Clean Up Kit & Use Guide

Triple s healthcare product portfolio

Triple S Healthcare Product Portfolio

  • SSS Navigator #62 PERISEPT Sporicidal Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate

  • SSS Navigator #9 Multi-Purpose Disinfectant & #61 Ace 256 Disinfectant Cleaner

  • SSS NexGen& Micropower Microfiber Systems

  • SSS NexGenEVS Healthcare Cleaning Cart

  • SSS NexGenBucketless Mopping System

  • SSS 1500B HEPA Battery Powered Backpack

  • SSS Panther Scrubbers – 20", 26", 28" models

  • SSS Square Cat Oscillating Floor Machines

  • SSS Pristine HC Floor Finish

  • SSS Take Down & Red Zone Low Odor Strippers

Triple s healthcare solutions1

Triple S Healthcare Solutions

#62 Perisept Accessories:

  • Perisept In-Use Dilution Bottle (#18013) – for use with SanotexEVS Wipers

  • Secondary Labels – two (2) labels packed with each case of refills; for use on microfiber charging buckets

Triple s solution

Triple S Solution

One can clean without disinfecting, but one can not disinfect without cleaning.

Solutions require the combination of the proper products, procedures and training. We have all three!

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