I was a neonatal baby
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I was a neonatal baby. My name is Corey. Look at me now. Neonatal Nursing Over view.

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I was a neonatal baby

I was a neonatal baby

My name is Corey

Neonatal nursing over view
Neonatal NursingOverview

  • Neonatal nurses provide direct patient care for the first month after birth. The babies neonatal nurses care for maybe normal, born prematurely, may have an illness or birth defects. Some of the babies require highly technical care such as surgery, ventilators, or intravenous feedings.


  • Duties include but not limited to cleaning up the babies, assessing the baby and drawing blood by pricking the baby heel.


  • In order to become a neonatal nurse, you first have to become a registered nurse by taking some high school courses, post secondary training, and licensing.

  • Other requirements are: should like working with mothers, newborns, and families. Should be compassionate, patient, and able to handle stress.


  • Salary is determined by many factors such as education, shift worked, geographic location, and work experience.

  • The median annual income was $53,450 in 2004, lowest paid 10% of all registered nurses is $37,300 per year and the highest 10% is more than $74,760 per year.


For neonatal nurses is very good, especially for those with masters degrees or higher.

Positions should be available due to down sizing in previous years.

  • U.S. Department of Labor predicts that employment for all registered nurses will grow faster than the average through 2014.

  • Nursing specialties should be in great demand in the future.


  • Neonatal nursing takes a special kind of nurse. With a lot of hard work, commitment, dedication, and knowing that this is the type of nurse you want to be, I know you can succeed. Then you can take care of babies like how I once was. A neonatal baby.

  • This is my sister Trina and she is a nurse