Huck Finn Jeopardy
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Huck Finn Jeopardy PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Huck Finn Jeopardy. “So we went a-quaking and shaking down the stabboard side , and slow work it was, too — seemed a week before we got to the stern .” Literary Devices – 100 points. Then he weaves along again, perfectly ca'm , and goes to dropping in his funeral orgies

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Huck Finn Jeopardy

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Huck Finn Jeopardy

  • “So we went a-quaking

  • and shaking down the stabboard

  • side, and slow work it was, too—

  • seemed a week

  • before we got to the stern.”

  • Literary Devices

  • – 100 points

  • Then he weaves along again,

  • perfectly ca'm,

  • and goes to dropping

  • in his funeral orgies

  • again every now and then,

  • just like he done before.

  • Literary Devices

  • – 200 points

“It warn’t the grounding-that didn’t

keep us back but a little.

We blowed out a cylinder-head.”

“Good gracious! Anybody hurt?”

“No’m. Killed a n*****.”

  • .

  • Literary Devices

  • – 300 points

  • “…we would lay in ambuscade,

  • as he called it, and kill the lot

  • and scoop the things.”

  • Literary Devices

  • – 400 points

  • “Dey's two gals flyin' 'bout you in yo' life.

  •  One uv 'em's light en t'other one is dark.

  • One is rich en t'other is po'.”

  • Literary Devices

  • – 500 points

"We was all glad as we could be,

but Tom was the gladdest of all

because he had a bullet

in the calf of his leg.“


– 100 points

Tom knows that

Jim has been freed, but goes on with

the escapade to help Jim “escape.”

Irony– 200 points

“We shan’t rob them of nothing at

all ‘ceptin’ this money.”

Irony– 300 points

“I didn’t want to go back no more.

I had stopped cussing, because pap

hadn’t no objections. It was pretty

good times up in those woods

there, take it all around.”

Irony– 400 points

But Tom Sawyer he hunted me up

and said he was going to start

a band of robbers, and I might join

if I would go back to the widow

and be respectable.”

Irony– 500 points

Shepherdsons and Grangerfords

Satire– 100 points

Miss Watson uses snuff and

owns slaves.

Satire– 200 points

“You didn’t want to come here—

average men don’t like trouble and danger.

YOU don’t like trouble and danger.

But if only HALF a man, such as Buck Harkness

there, shouts, “Lynch him! Lynch him!”

then you’re afraid to back down.

You’re afraid that everyone will found

out what you really are: COWARDS.

Satire– 300 points

Next Sunday we all went to

church, about three

mile, everybody a-horseback.

The men took their guns along,

so did Buck, and kept them between

their knees or stood

them handy against the wall.

The Shepherdsons done the same.

It was pretty ornery preaching—

all about brotherly love,

and such-like tiresomeness;.

Satire– 400 points

  •  I reckon I got to light out for the

  • Territory ahead of the rest, because

  • Aunt Sally she's going to

  • adopt me and sivilize me,

  • and I can't stand it.  

  • I been there before.

  • Satire– 500 points

  • Creates a Band of Robbers

  • Characters– 100 points

  • Believes ‘learnin’

  • is bad.

  • Character– 200 points

  • Owns a Magic Hairball.

  • Character– 300 points

Performs Shakespeare

Character– 400 points


Characters– 500 points

  • Who sold Jim back

  • into slavery

  • Events-100 points

  • Where Jim was held captive

  • Events– 200 points

  • Where Huck plans to go

  • at the end of the novel

  • Events– 300 points

  • The reason Jim regretted beating

  • his daughter ‘Lizbeth

  • Events– 400 points

  • What the townspeople did

  • so they wouldn’t be

  • ashamed that they had been

  • ripped off by the

  • Royal Nonesuch show.

  • Events– 500 points

Mark Twain’s RealNameFinal Jeopardy

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