acts of the apostles
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Acts of the apostles

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Acts of the apostles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Acts of the apostles. Author, date, and similarities to Luke’. Author: Written by the author of Luke’s Gospel Addressed also to Theophilus Luke and Acts’ have similar style and language Date; Many scholars date after Luke-possibly in the mid-80s.

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author date and similarities to luke
Author, date, and similarities to Luke’


  • Written by the author of Luke’s Gospel
  • Addressed also to Theophilus
  • Luke and Acts’ have similar style and language


  • Many scholars date after Luke-possibly in the mid-80s

Similarities between Acts and Luke’s gospel:

  • Jerusalem is central

- Before ascension, apostles are told that they will be Jesus’ witnesses not only in Jerusalem, but to the ends of the earth.

- the base of operations for the future of the church

similar themes in luke and acts
Similar themes in luke and acts

I. Central role of the Holy Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit is active and alive in the disciples of Jesus

- Continuing Jesus’ work in the world

- Jesus’ promise to send the Spirit

- outpouring of the Spirit

- Spirit’s presence empowers apostles

similar themes in luke and acts cont
Similar themes in luke and acts (cont.)

II. The Gospel is for all people

  • As in Luke, Jesus is universal Messiah

- Spirit inspires church leaders at a council in Jerusalem to allow Gentiles to convert without first becoming Jews

- Faith, baptism, and repentance are all required

prologue acts 1 1 11
Prologue (acts 1:1-11)
  • Addresses Theophilus-linking first work to Acts
  • Tells readers that Jesus appeared to disciples over 40 day period
  • Forty is probably a reminder of Israelites’ 40 year experience in the desert
  • Also suggests Jesus’ departure to the desert
  • Number suggests a prep period for disciples before the coming of the Spirit

The Ascension marks a transition in salvation history:

  • From Jesus’ earthly ministry to the age of the church.
the church in jerusalem acts 1 12 5 42
The church in jerusalem(Acts 1:12-5:42)
  • Preparation for the coming of the Spirit
    • the apostles and other disciples, Jesus’ mother, and several other women form first community of Christians
    • 10 days later, the descent of the Holy Spirit will occur on Pentecost
    • the community prepares itself by praying

Mathias is chosen to replace Judas

    • 12 apostles-12 tribes of Israel
    • The church is the New Israel, the result of God’s new covenant with all people.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

  • Pentecost (fiftieth): a major Jewish feast for the harvest
    • Also celebrated God’s covenant with Moses
    • Jews from all over the Mediterranean attend
    • Holy Spirit inspires the apostles to proclaim the gospel
    • people from different nations understand the message in their own languages
peter s pentecost sermon
Peter’s Pentecost sermon
  • Contains the kerygma-the central proclamation of the Gospel message
    • life, death, and resurrection of Jesus
  • Introduction:
    • relates the speech to rest of story
    • assures audience disciples are not drunk
    • Joel’s prophecy promising Spirit recalled

Old Testament proofs to support argument:

    • Miracles of Jesus
    • Jesus crucified: indicts hearers for their part
    • Announces glorious resurrection and ascension
    • States that he and other apostles were eyewitnesses to these events
    • Jesus’ promise to send Spirit is fulfilled

Sermon’s call to action: repentance and baptism

    • Gift of Holy Spirit then received

Peter heals crippled beggar

  • Christian Community
    • Community must be rooted in the gospel truth handed down by apostles
    • Nourishment must come from Eucharist and prayer
    • Must live community-loving and caring for one another (Christian fellowship)