Unit 9
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Unit 9 Wonderland. Questions:. 1. Do you know where Yu Garden is in?. 2. What do you think of Yu Garden?. 3.Can you taste snacks in Yu Garden?. 4. What do you know about Yu Garden?. I know Yu Garden is a good place for taking photos, buying gifts and eating snacks.

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Unit 9 Wonderland

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Unit 9 wonderland

Unit 9


Unit 9 wonderland


1. Do you know where Yu Garden is in?

2. What do you think of Yu Garden?

3.Can you taste snacks in Yu Garden?

4. What do you know about Yu Garden?

Unit 9 wonderland

I know Yu Garden is a good

place for taking photos, buying gifts and eating


Now the Yangs are talking about their favourite

Chinese snacks.

Unit 9 wonderland

I like the buns very much.

They are soft.

They look round.

They smell wonderful.

There is some pork in the bun.

They tastes delicious when they are hot.

I had them when I was in Shanghai last year.

I think they are very famous in Shanghai.

Unit 9 wonderland

There is some pork in the buns.


bus but run sun

The pork isdelicious.

The buns aredelicious.


Chinese dishes

are very delicious.

I like ________.

_______ delicious.

________ my favoutie food.


Mrs soyan

Mrs Soyan

I like dumplings very much.

The dumplings are soft.

The dumplingslook nice.

The dumplings smell wonderful.

I can make dumplings.

The dumplings taste delicious.

The dumplings mean a family get together.

The dumplings are very famous in China.

bus run dumpling


Yang mingming

Yang Mingming

I don’t like dumplings.

They are made from sticky rice.

Sticky rice is too sticky.

I usually have steamed bread and milk.

I usually have steamed bread for breakfast.

But I don’t have steamed bread for lunch.

At lunchtime I like to eat fried rice with

egg and tomato soup.

Yummy, yummy. They are very delicious.

They are good for my health.

Unit 9 wonderland


sticky rice 糯米




read eat tea steam steamed


fried rice


try fry fried rice

Lots of foreigners like fried rice

because it is delicious and smells good.

Unit 9 wonderland

egg and tomato soup


soup 汤

make egg and tomato soup

I can _____________________.

Let’s _____________________.

Let’s taste _______________.

______________ is delicious.

Unit 9 wonderland

  • dumplings

  • I don’t like .

  • I don’t like .

  • I don’t like .

  • I don’t like .

  • fried rice

  • steamed bread

  • egg and tomato soup

  • But I like crabs



The crabs are so delicious.

I know Chongming hairy crabs are

very famous.Chingming hairy crabs live in

Changjiang River.They are smaller than crabs from

Yangcheng Lake.The crabs from Yangcheng Lake

are delicious, too.They are so big and have

little hairs.


cat hat crab



I like _ _ _ _ _ _ .

The crabs are _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ are famous in China.

Unit 9 wonderland

  • They are happy about visiting Yu Garden.

  • They enjoy these delicious snacks there.

  • They have a very wonderful day out.

Unit 9 wonderland

Read these words.





fried rice

sticky rice


steamed bread



  • Listen and recite the words and sentences. And copy these words twice.

  • Make a sentence with each word. 

  • Make a passage with some new words of them.

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