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LESSON-1. BASIC FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER. WHAT IS A COMPUTER?. Computer is a programmable machine that runs programs and processes data Computer is an advanced tool used to perform multiple tasks.

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Lesson 1



Computers are used in a wide variety of fields including banks, post-offices, companies, colleges , schools, and even homes

Parts of a computer
Parts of a computer requirements.



Hardware components

The parts of a computer that you can touch and feel are called hardware.

Monitor requirements.

  • The object which looks like a television set is called a monitor

Central processing unit c p u
Central Processing Unit (C.P.U) requirements.

  • The part of the computer that executes program instructions is called the CPU.

  • The CPU is part of the motherboard, which is inside the system unit or cabinet

Keyboard requirements.

  • The keyboard is like a typewriter.

  • There are many key buttons, which are marked with different letters, numbers, symbols and words.

  • When you press a button you are giving instructions to CPU. The CPU takes these instruction signals and sends it to the monitor.

  • Monitor takes these signals and displays a picture, which we see on the screen.

Mouse requirements.

  • The mouse is a device by which we input information to the computer.

  • It is used to move the pointer on the screen and do various tasks.

Usb ports
USB Ports requirements.

  • By using a USB port multiple input and output devices can be used by a computer.

Printer requirements.

  • A printer is an output device.

  • It prints out text, illustrations, or pictures onto paper from the computer.

Scanner requirements.

  • A scanner is an input device used to capture printed material.

  • It can convert any printed material into a digital image the computer understands, which it can then save and edit

Modem requirements.

  • Modem is a signal converter.

  • The modem converts analog signals to digital signals and vice versa and is used to connect a computer to the Internet

UPS requirements.

  • The change of voltage or load shedding may harm the computer.

  • So UPS or uninterrupted power supply is needed so that computer constantly gets the desired voltage.

  • It also helps by storing electricity in a battery so we can save our information and properly shut down the computer at the time of power failure

Thank you
THANK YOU !! requirements.