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CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS DELAY. INTRODUCTION. Causes contribute to construction delay . Attitude of Contractor and Company. Agreement between Contractors and consultants  . D esign changes, poor labour productivity and inadequate planning. Effect of construction projects delay.

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Construction projects delay


Construction projects delay


Construction projects delay

Causes contribute to construction delay

  • Attitude of Contractor and Company

  • Agreement between Contractors and consultants  

  • Design changes, poor labour productivity and inadequate planning

Construction projects delay

Effect of construction projects delay

  • Time and cost overruns

  • Misunderstanding will occur between the client and contractor

  • A bad impression to clients

Construction projects delay

How to Solve??

  • A Programme or Project Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)

  • Multi-agent System

  • Visual 4D planning and scheduling techniques

Construction projects delay



Construction projects delay

  • To identify the factors contributing to the delay in constructions

  • To identify the main effects on owner as a result of the delay

Construction projects delay

Research Questions……

  • Distribute the questionnaire among civil engineering students, academic and non-academic staff.

  • 30 samples

  • 20 undergraduates students and 10 academic and non-academic staffs.

  • Analyse the result by using graph and chart.

Construction projects delay

Data analysis

Construction projects delay

  • Highest Frequency : Poor Scheduling

  • Second : Stoppages

  • Third :Lack of equipment

  • Less : Stop work orders and Inspection delays

Construction projects delay

  • The highest frequency is incidences.

  • Material shortage, delays in material deliveries and delays due to interference with other crews shared same frequency.

  • Lowest frequency is site access.

Construction projects delay

  • The highest choose by respondents is management factors

  • Followed by economy factors.

  • Third is environmental factors

  • Fourth is manpower factors.

  • Lowest is site factors.

Construction projects delay

Effect toward the owner when construction delay

  • Highest percentage : Financial problem

  • Second : Increase interest

  • Third : Additional Professional Fees

  • Lowest : Loss of use

Construction projects delay

Long Effect of construction delay

  • Highest percentage :Loss of trustworthy (47%)

  • Second :Loss of productivity(27%)

  • Disruption of building and bad signal to the foreign investors shared

  • same percentage (13%).

Construction projects delay


Construction projects delay

  • Our research conducted about construction projects delay which contribute to causes and factors.

  • There are some of the solutions to improve the construction delay .

  • Parties such as engineers , clients and contractors should count heavenly when a construction project to be delayed.

Construction projects delay

Thank you

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