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Levers. Members: Jan Uy, Raymond Tycangco, Marco Ocampo, Josh Pe, James Lai, Meynardo Boringot, Lance Tiu. Levers Introduction.

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Members: Jan Uy, Raymond Tycangco, Marco Ocampo, Josh Pe, James Lai, Meynardo Boringot, Lance Tiu

levers introduction
Levers Introduction

Many times we carry heavy loads and complain a lot because we get tired. But now, a machine helps us. It does not need a fuel to run on. It just needs force, a little amount of force. Example, you carry a 1 ton box with your hands. Can you do it?


Of course not. But with the help of the lever, you can! See how fascinating it is to do tricks with a lever.


the 3 types of levers
The 3 types of Levers

There are 3 types of these kinds of levers. These are the following

  • Class One Levers
  • Class Two Levers
  • Class Three Levers

These types of levers work in different ways. Let us find how they do it.

class one levers
Class One Levers

A class one lever is a lever in which the fulcrum is between the

effort and load. Only a small

effort is given but the load still

moves. Some examples are the see-saw and the pliers.

why a lever
Why A Lever?

The see-saw is a lever because the force is exerted from one side and the other side is the load, and the fulcrum is the one between them. The scissors is just almost the same in a smaller size.

class two levers
Class Two Levers

A class two lever is a lever this time the load is between the

fulcrum and the effort

produced. Some

examples are the wheelbarrow and the stapler.

why a lever1
Why A Lever?

The wheelbarrow is a lever because the effort is exerted through the handles, then the load is the things in it, and the fulcrum are the wheels.

The stapler is a lever too because the effort is the end part of the top, the load is the rest of the top, and the fulcrum is the one connecting the top to the bottom.

class three levers
Class Three Levers

A class three lever is a lever whose effort is now between the

load and the fulcrum.

Some examples are the fishing rod and tweezers.

why a lever2
Why A Lever?

The fishing rod is a lever because the load is the fish, the fulcrum is through the reel, and the effort is through the handle of the reel. The tweezers is too a lever because its load is the front part, the effort produced is in the middle, and the fulcrum is the one connecting the top to the bottom.



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