Practice with topic sentences
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Practice with Topic Sentences PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Practice with Topic Sentences. Write On!. By. Topic Sentences. Topic Sentences state the main idea of a paragraph in an interesting way to hook the reader . All details in a paragraph should support the topic sentence . Limiting the Topic.

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Practice with Topic Sentences

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Practice with Topic Sentences

Write On!


Topic Sentences

  • Topic Sentences state the main idea of a paragraph in an interesting way to hook the reader.

  • All details in a paragraph should support the topic sentence.

Limiting the Topic

  • Limiting a topic is the first step in writing a strong paragraph.

  • Many topics are too broad to discuss in five sentences.

  • Focus or limit the topic to be able to write about it completely in a single paragraph.

Narrowing the Topic

  • Ways to narrow the topic Childhood

  • Childhood

    • Birthday parties

      • The best birthday party I ever had

  • Childhood

    • My friends

      • My friends in the seventh grade

        • My best friend in seventh grade

  • Childhood

    • Summer vacations

      • Family trips

        • The time my family went camping

          • The night it rained and our tent collapsed




Narrowing the Topic

  • Ways to narrow the topic Sports

  • Indoor sports

    • Soccer

      • Boy’s Soccer

        • Boy’s soccer at San Ysidro High School

          • The boy’s soccer game at SYHS on a specific date

          • The best shot in the boy’s soccer game at SYHS on the above date


Topic Sentences

  • Read the pair of sentences on the next few slides. Decide . . .

    • which would make a better topic sentence?

Which is a better topic sentence?

  • Texas has 267,000 square miles.

  • Texas is so big that you can find many things to do.

Which is a better topic sentence?

  • A bully is a boy or girl who acts mean or hurtful to others.

  • Bullies sometimes hit, kick, or push to hurt people.

Which is a better topic sentence?

  • Heavy downpours on Earth's deserts can drastically change the landscape of these regions.

  • Desert plants are mainly ground-hugging shrubs and short woody trees.

Which is a better topic sentence?

  • There are several ways for accurately telling how old fossils are.

  • The animal dies and sinks to the sea floor.

Writing Topic Sentences

  • In the following paragraphs, the topic sentences are missing.

  • Determine

    • the main idea of the paragraph

What Is the Main Idea?

  • Many desert animals are nocturnal. They sleep during the day in burrows below the surface of the desert or hide in shaded areas. They come out at night to eat. Some desert animals do not need to drink water. They get water from the foods they eat. Most desert animals are small.

a)  Animal Survival

b)  Ways Desert Animals Survive

c)  Arabian Camels

d)  A Harsh Environment

What Is the Main Idea?

  • Some bullies act the way they do to try to make themselves feel more important or more popular. Other bullies are acting out or copying things they have seen. Most bullies do not realize or understand how they are hurting others.

a)  Angry, Bully, Hate

b)  How to Be a Bully

c)  The Art of Playing Soccer

d)  Reasons for Bullying

What Is the Main Idea?

  • Keds, the first rubber-soled shoes were developed and manufactured in the United States in the late 1800’s. The shoe went through several variations until 1917 when the first canvas-top, rubber-sole shoe was sold to the public. Henry Nelson McKinney, an advertising agent for N. W. Ayer & Son, named the new shoes "sneaker" because they were quiet as you walked.

a)  The Invention of Keds

b)  Sport Sandals

c)  Modern Athletic Shoes

d)  Melding Rubber to Cloth

The Best Choice

  • Too Broad

    • Mystery novels are fun to read.

  • Too narrow

    • The last mystery novel I read was 300 pages long.

  • Just Right

    • The plot of the novel May Tomorrow Never Come is suspenseful.

The Best Choice

  • Too Broad

    • Eating correctly is important.

  • Too narrow

    • Spinach is an excellent source of iron.

  • Just Right

    • An important step in preventing heart disease is eating fruits and vegetables daily.

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