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Multiculturalism. Divisive or Uniting. Culture. Culture- Is uniquely human. Includes objects, institutions, organizations, ideas, beliefs, and symbols that make up our social environment. Culture shapes the way you view the world .

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Divisive or Uniting



Culture- Is uniquely human.

  • Includes objects, institutions, organizations, ideas, beliefs, and symbols that make up our social environment.

  • Culture shapes the way you view the world.

    • It actually impacts the way your brain is structured by determining how the neurons connect.

What is american culture

What is American Culture?

  • List 5 specific examples of our culture.

    B) Give 1 example that most reflects or represents America.

    C) Give one example that most represents you.

Pictures of american culture

Pictures of American Culture

Culture unifies and it divides groups of people

Culture unifies and it divides groups of people.

  • Is the United States Multicultural?

    • List 3 groups in the US.

    • How do you know who is in the group?

    • How do you become a member?

    • Are there rules for belonging?

Is the united states multicultural

Is the United States Multicultural?

  • Yes and No

    • We believe in the big concepts like democracy and freedom of religion but argue over the best ways to express ourselves or utilize what we have.

      "Give me your tired, your poor,

      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Cultural differences in the united states are related to

Cultural differences in the United States are related to:

  • Social Class

  • Geography (North/South, coastal vs. mountains)

  • Race

    • You can see cultural differences by looking at political party affiliation.

Issues related to multiculturalism

Issues related to Multiculturalism:

  • What language do we speak?

    • By the 3rd generation we speak English.

    • There is no official language. Should there be?

      • Some communities vote to hold public meetings in languages other than English.

    • Language is one of the most powerful indicators and preservers of culture.

Issues related to multiculturalism1

Issues related to Multiculturalism:

2. Birth rates in the United States vary by culture.

  • White less than 2, black more than 3, Hispanic is around 4.

    Why do you think this is?

How do we increase inclusion into the dominant culture

How do we increase inclusion into the dominant culture?

  • community arts programs

  • ESOL capable meetings,

  • Awareness programs

  • Increased access to educational programs


  • Do people want to lose their ethnic identity?


  • Think about the important events in your life. Would you say that a large part of your identity comes from those memories and your participation in those events?

  • Loss of cultural heritage would threaten your individual identity.

Why do we not do much to increase cultural inclusion

Why do we not do much to increase cultural inclusion?

  • The people in the dominant culture, those in power, might feel threatened by the minority group.

    • Birth rate

    • Immigration

    • Increased economic power

Arguments against multiculturalism

Arguments against Multiculturalism

  • Multicultural approach to education might hurt the minority individual’s ability to function in the majority culture.

  • It fosters discrimination because people will make distinctions, people will see the differences, and it fosters a “victim” mentality.

  • People who are functioning within their minority group have less drive to assimilate.

Arguments for a multicultural approach

Arguments for a Multicultural Approach

  • The US has always been multicultural. We have always had differing values, faiths, and interests.

  • A free society will always attract and allow diverse people to participate.

  • Teaching minorities in their own language would improve their academic attainment and make them more productive and successful participants.

  • Ethnic Culture is a source of community linkage.

    • It provides Organic Solidarity or social cohesion

    • It provides Mutual dependency through increased connectedness.

  • There is value in our differences.

    • A growing labor force

    • Provision of unique services

    • Cultural diffusion (Space Race, a-bomb)

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