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RAISE YOUR HAND IF. you respond negatively when the word assessment is even mentioned?you said : ?oh crap!!"?heard your neighbor say ?oh crap!!"?said ?Why did I come?"said ?How can I get out of here?". . Quick note:Doors are locked!!!!. OBJECTIVES. 1. Report on my ongoing recover from the f

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2. RAISE YOUR HAND IF you respond negatively when the word assessment is even mentioned? you said : oh crap!!? heard your neighbor say oh crap!!? said Why did I come? said How can I get out of here?

3. Quick note: Doors are locked!!!!

4. OBJECTIVES 1. Report on my ongoing recover from the frontal lobotomy. (FYI: Required of all administrators. Please dont tell Lillian!!!) 2. Overview of what we presently do so that we may better understand teaching and learning processes. 3. Logistical info: who, what, when, etc.

5. 4. Why I think assessment is important. 5. Some ideas for the coming year. 6. The first step in making assessment fun (Thats right fun). Please ask questions at any time.

6. Objective 1: Recovery The recover is going quite well except I have strong urges to respond to all questions with we dont have money for that I also want to thank everyone for the get well cards.

7. OBJECTIVE 2: What We Do 1. Distribution and Flag Assessment 2. Programmatic Assessment. 3. Across the Curriculum. 4. Outside department reviews.

8. NORMATIVE ASSESSMENT 1. CLA 2. CIRP 3. NSSE 4. BCSSE 5. CSS 6. We also do our own non-normative surveys periodically. (e.g. alumni).

9. WHAT WE DO Distribution & Flag requirements (D) (Ongoing) Program Assessment (D) (Ongoing). Program Evaluators (D or I) (5 year rotation) Collegiate Learning Assessment (D) (A) National Survey of Student Engagement (I) (3 year) Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (I) (3 year). Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (I) (3 year). Cooperative Institutional Research Program (ID) (A) College Student Survey (ID) (3 year)

10. OBJECTIVE 3: Logistics Where do I send this stuff? [email protected] Send electronic Who do I call? Me x5158 Kim - x5275 CASL Reps - variable


12. OBJECTIVE 4: Importance What assessment is NOT. Assessment is not faculty performance evaluation. Assessment is NOT the forms that you turn in. Assessment is NOT course evaluations.

13. WHY ASSESSMENT? 1. to improve student learning. 2. assessment should be a faculty tool. Are students meeting out definition of college educated people? Are students meeting our definition of psychology educated people?

14. CAN I HELP? My job is NOT to tell you if students are learning. My job is to help gather info and get it to you so you can make appropriate determinations. It is your job to give information meaning and use it to improve student learning.

15. To me assessment of student learning is all about curriculum and pedagogy. My overriding goal is to develop a direct connection between/among: assessment, curriculum, and pedagogy Many other uses: Curriculum review/change Select audiences External bodies

16. If you have questions about student learning, we can work together to help answer the question: How well do our students write, coming in and going out? How rigorous is our curriculum? Etc

17. OBJECTIVE 5: Plans My goals for the coming year center around (1) communicating information about our students and their learning and (2) having faculty discuss what the data might mean and how we can improve. Thats it!!!!!

18. EXAMPLES How do our students perceive our rigor in comparison to students are comparable institutions? Do our students critically think to the extent we think appropriate? (actually you). Can our students apply basic ethical principles to our satisfaction?

19. IDEAS Informal chats. Maybe late afternoon?? Lunch conversations. Faculty forums. Faculty meetings. If anyone has ideas, I would appreciate you sharing.

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