Welcome to mrs taylor s 4 th grade class
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Welcome to Mrs. Taylor’s 4 th grade class! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Mrs. Taylor’s 4 th grade class!. What you should expect:. To learn an amazing amount of information To build on all of the skills and knowledge you all ready have To participate in a supportive, dynamic, and interesting community of learners

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Welcome to Mrs. Taylor’s 4 th grade class!

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Welcome to Mrs. Taylor’s 4th grade class!

What you should expect:

  • To learn an amazing amount of information

  • To build on all of the skills and knowledge you all ready have

  • To participate in a supportive, dynamic, and interesting community of learners

  • A teacher who will give you the best education possible


My Expectations

  • Students in this classroom will:

    • Be respectful of their teacher and their fellow classmates

    • Share their ideas and thoughts in an appropriate manner

    • Be open to try new things and different approaches

    • Put your personal best into each assignment

    • Follow the classroom rules and procedures

    • Be a role-model class for the rest of the school

Beginning the Day

  • When you arrive to class there are four things you should immediately do:

    • Greet your teacher(handshake, hug, or high-five)

    • Put away belongings

    • Copy assignments from the board(in the agenda section of the Mustang notebook)

    • Begin journaling

  • Every single day you will need to have your Mustang notebook, a sharpened pencil, an eraser, and your spiral notebooks

Tardy or Absent?

  • When you are absent, you miss out on

    • Important info

    • Exciting projects and class discussions

    • Helping your team

  • When you are tardy

    • Mrs. Taylor panics thinking about how much she is going to miss you and that you are going to miss out on all we are doing that day

    • You have to catch up with everyone else

      We need you here!

Classroom Procedures

  • During class:

    • Raise your hand to share your thoughts or ask a question

    • Listen when you should be listening, and wait to talk or do anything else until there is a more appropriate time

Classroom Procedures

  • Do you like group work, hands-on activities, and fun projects?

  • We’ll do these as long as when I need your complete and total attention you immediately give it to me.

  • I’ll give you a signal when I need your complete attention

Give Me Five!

  • When I raise my hand and/or say “Give me five” you will:

    Stop what you are doing

    Stop talking

    Raise your hand as well

    Look at me


    Let’s Practice…

Classroom Procedures

  • Hallway, restroom, assembly procedures:

    • Keep your hands to yourself

    • Stay Silent—absolutely

      no talking

    • Do not turn into a pack of wild animals

    • Be role-models for the rest of the school

Class Rules

  • Be Respectful

  • Treat the books and supplies in this classroom with great care

  • Treat the people in this classroom with great care

  • Be prepared and organized

  • Work Hard

Being Respectful

  • Make eye contact.When someone is speaking, keep your eyes on him or her at all times. If someone else makes a comment, turn and face that person.

  • During discussions,respect other students’ comments, opinions, and ideas. When possible, make statements like, “I agree with John, and I also feel that…” or “I disagree with Victor. He made a good point, but I feel that…” or “I think Sarah made an excellent observation, and it made me realize…”

Being Respectful

  • If you are asked a question in conversation, you should ask a question in return.

    • For example,

      • Mrs. Taylor: “Did you have a good weekend?”

      • You: “Yes, I had a great time. My family and I went sky diving. What about you? Did you have a nice weekend?”

    • It is only polite to show others that you are just as interested in them as they are in you.

Being Respectful

  • Do not smack your lips, tsk, roll your eyes, or show disrespect with gestures.

  • Say, “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” when appropriate.

Treating Others with Care

  • If someone bumps into you, even if it was not your fault, say, “Excuse me.”

  • Hold the door for people rather than letting it close on them

  • If someone drops something, and you are close to it, pick it up

  • Do not save seats in the lunchroom

Treating Others with Care

  • Do not stare at a student who is being reprimanded. You wouldn’t want others looking at you if you were in trouble, so don’t look at others in that situation.

  • Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness


  • I do not expect to have many behavior problems in this class. However, here are the general consequences you may expect when you choose to break a rule.

    • First: Verbal Warning

    • Second: Note, email, or phone call home

    • Third: After school meeting with student and parents and time-out in team teacher’s room

    • Fourth: Principal’s office

  • In the case of serious offences, such as fighting, cheating, or serious disrespect, the student can expect to go immediately to the Principal’s office

We work together

In this classroom

  • We help each other learn

  • We know it is okay to make mistakes

  • We celebrate each other’s success

  • We are kind—we do not use put-downs, we compliment each other

Together, we can make a difference!

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