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Manchester Cultural Employers Forum

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Manchester Cultural Employers Forum. Tuesday 15 th February 2011. MANCHESTER CULTURAL PARTNERSHIP. Graduate Volunteering to gain experience. Steve Hawley.

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manchester cultural employers forum

Manchester Cultural Employers Forum

Tuesday 15th February 2011



MMU graduates every year40 fashion designers25 interior designers80 graphic designers80 fine artists30 landscape architects40 3D designers50 textiles designers200 architects25 actors40 filmmakers40 photographersAlso Universities of Bolton, Salford, Manchester College…..

creative career patterns
Creative career patterns

Majority of graduates work in creative occupations (main job/work activity)

creative career patterns1
Creative career patterns

Portfolio working is an established working pattern

Note: all those reporting work activity

creative career patterns2
Creative career patterns

Graduates are satisfied in their working lives

Note: graduates in work


On creative courses, higher proportions of students are participating in placement activity than did so a decade ago, with two‐fifths (42 per cent) of respondents having undertaken work placements of some kind,Formal placements 22%.Informal self generated placements around 20%Those most likely to have undertaken a work placement were from design disciplines particularly fashion design and 3‐D design, and from more advantaged backgrounds. Very few graduates from fine art courses had a work placement.


Voluntary work in music and art with disabled students combined with paid freelance events management as main job.Voluntary community arts combined with paid work as a photographer and box office agent.PR events volunteer combined with temping and PR co-ordinator.Voluntary chair of trustees combined with paid promoter/centre manager and work as a graphic artist. Gallery volunteer combined with other jobs as a gallery assistant and customer service assistant.Textile intern combined with paid jobs as sales assistant and freelance designer.

recent liv e projects

Abercrombie & Fitch

Max Mara

River Island (GFW)




Top Shop






Project Based MA with professional partners

MA Film Making

MA Photography

MA Media Arts


2008/9 ProjectsVisual Archives: Re-inventing Platt Hall

Visiting consultant: Alice Kettle

Client: Manchester Art Gallery


2008/9 ProjectsUrban Narratives

Visiting consultants: Creative Lynx

Client: Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester City Council

Explore the urban narrative of the Hulme area of ManchesterAn investigation of site and culture


□architectural draftsman/modelmaker□ painter + teaching + outdoor activity instructor □ garment technologist □ project manager/creative producer + curator + project manager □ charity + catering + voluntary work for development agency □ radiology assistant + designer-maker □ teacher + freelance artist □ artist + art workshops + art college dyslexia tutor □ curator + sculptor □ creative practitioner + creative consultant + visual artist □ exhibitions + education co-ordinator + sound artist commissions □ picture library administrator □ painting and decorating + photographer/artist □ textile craft + jewellery/silversmithing □ footwear designer and pattern technician □ costume maker + wardrobe mistress □ accessories designer + mentoring + learning support □ web content manager □ costume assistant □ studio booker □ interior designer □ sculptor + digital sculptor + photoshop painter □ prop maker/carpenter □ conservation – 2 jobs □ assistant producer + filmmaking □ photographic rental team + photographer □ pattern cutter + sales assistant □ design manager □ costumier (2 jobs) □ illustrator + artist □ film editor + painter + director □ digital planning □ graphic designer □ programme manager + associate lecturer □ theatre maker + retail manager part time + puppeteering □ artist filmmaker + artist facilitator + gallery assistant □ customs officer □ forensic photographer + photographer □ accounts clerk □ park ranger □ interior graphic designer + artist and glass painter □ creative design executive + freelance graphic designer □ stone mason + bespoke design □ council work + wetland related


Volunteering MMU?Volunteering MMU is a service based within MMU that is designed to develop volunteering opportunities for all students and staff. We contact local agencies and organisations in the not for profit sector to find out what volunteers they need, we then try to match these opportunities with people interested in volunteering Volunteering MMUhas created an online learning package which all MMU students and staff can access via our website. It will help you prepare to volunteer and reflect on the skills and experience you gain through volunteering,

children s university
Children’s University

A national organisation that provides 7-14 year olds with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours

Each child receives a passport and they can get a stamp at accredited activities and events nationwide

Email: Lois [email protected]

project outline
Project Outline

This project involves taking art student volunteers into a number of schools trying

to raise environmental awareness through producing evocative artwork.

This will result in an exhibited installation culminated from art pieces created from

unrecyclable materials, recording environmental issues using traditional

photographic methods and other visual tools.

The finished work will be curated and exhibited at the Manchester Metropolitan

University Art Gallery in February.

MMU student volunteers from different disciplines are delivering these workshops.

- Sculpture and 3D design

- Illustration / Fine Art

- Interactive Art

- Photography


Making pieces of art from un-recyclable materials

‘70% of what people throw away was

not waste but is a valuable resource’

illustration fine art
Illustration / Fine Art

Paintings and drawings about the environment.

These can be

their vision of a better world

Who their environmental super hero would be

what the perfect sustainable community would look like


Documenting parts of the community

that need environmental attention.

Could be rubbish dumps, high pollution zones, wasteland

Or be parts of the community that

are environmentally sound

What they want to see more of

Other examples…

Pinhole cameras will

be used for this


MMU students sharing transferable skills and gaining

experience of working with children.

Students will learn how to run a project in collaboration - understanding team dynamics and leadership skills.

Pupils will learn more about their environment in a fun and creative way – communicating and sharing their experience with their families and friends.

Supports public engagement within the community; MMU and schools.

Helping to break down barriers to HE whilst raising awareness of the impact communities have on the environment.

A toolkit is being developed alongside the project to sustain this enterprise as a student led initiative, increasing the amount of schools engaged in the project.


Manchester Volunteer Sport Bureau,

Graham Herstell

Manchester Leisure Services


The Manchester Volunteer Sport Bureau was principally established to support two key objectives

  • Supporting pathways to employment within the industry.
  • Developing Sports Clubs with a skilled volunteer workforce



  • Training
  • Deploying














& General


School Based







Volunteer Benefits……..

  • Multi Media platform (Texts, e-mail, Social Networking etc)
  • Volunteer portfolio / CV building
  • Pathway to Work


Success to Date…

  • 1236 Volunteers Recruited
  • 3791 Volunteer Hrs
  • 30 Personal Best Volunteers
  • 35 Sports Clubs Received Volunteers
  • 2012 Inspire Mark
  • 2012 Football Host City Team
  • Manchester City Match Day Team
  • Orange Rock Corps


Thank You !

manchester event volunteers

Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

AuthorDepartment Name

Author Kristian Dodsworth

Department Name Chief Executive’s


Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

  • Local benefit was a key element in success of Manchester’s 2002 Commonwealth Games bid.
  • MCC established a team to implement and lead on maximising the opportunities for local people, particularly ‘hardest to reach’.
  • Volunteer force of some 10,000 individuals recruited,10% of which were from the Pre Volunteer Programme (30 hour training programme to engage with hard to reach groups).
  • Legacy - Post Games Volunteer project from September 2002. Large group of enthusiastic, trained people who could be used for future events in Manchester.

Slide 42

manchester event volunteers1
Manchester Event Volunteers
    • PGVP used volunteer database to contact all those from the NW of England, of which 1,500 indicated a willingness to continue with volunteering.
    • PGVP evolved into Manchester Event Volunteers, offering a wide range of volunteering opportunities, not just event related.
    • Focus has changed to reflect funding – Manchester residents only, increasingly supports residents back into training and employment.
  • Since the Commonwealth Games, over 800 volunteers matched to opportunities.
  • Currently MEV has circa 1,000 active members, many new. Eligibility - 16+ and Manchester resident.

Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

Slide 43

how the mev brokerage service works
How the MEV Brokerage Service Works
  • Organisations seeking volunteers contact the MEV central team.
  • MEV team meets to explain roles and responsibilities and the organisation signs a Code of Practice and Health and Safety questionnaire.
  • Volunteering opportunities are advertised in a monthly newsletter sent to all volunteers. Details are also advertised on the web site
  • Those interested in volunteering for an event are referred to the relevant organisation.
  • Feedback obtained from both the host organisation and
  • volunteers.

Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

Slide 44

the mev database
The MEV Database
  • Individuals can register on the database
  • - by completing a registration form;
  • - via the MEV web site;
  • - by referral from partner organisations e.g. MCC area regeneration teams, Job Centre Plus.
  • MEV team maintains a web-based database, checking that volunteers are still available, allowing quality matching of volunteers to opportunities with host organisations and allowing for analysis of activity.

Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

Slide 45

support for volunteers
Support for volunteers
  • Mandatory induction for all volunteers and an optional ‘Introduction to Team Work’ course in volunteering.
  • Optional additional training for volunteer mentors and team leaders.
  • Additional courses in Child Protection; Disability Awareness; First Aid at Work; IT; Customer Service and Volunteer Management.
  • Referral to employment and skills providers to progress. Promotion of job and development opportunities.

Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

Slide 46

support for host organisations
Support for host organisations
  • Sharing of good practice
  • Support to develop policies and procedures e.g. diversity policies.
  • Introduction to Team Work course
  • Additional assistance with more complex queries e.g. developing volunteer strategies.
  • Brokerage/networking with other host organisations e.g. to refer volunteers

Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

Slide 47

volunteering opportunities
Volunteering Opportunities
  • Sport:
  • World Swimming Championships, Great Manchester Run, Squash and Badminton Championships
  • Cultural:
  • The Irish Festival, International Festival, Manchester Day Parade
  • and Manchester Pride
  • Charity/Community:
  • Cancer Research UK Race for Life and Shine, The Stroke Association
  • Fly Ride and Resolution 5K Run
  • Long Term Opportunities such as:
  • Imperial War Museum, Manchester Museum, Cancer Aid Listening Line,
  • Cheetham Hill Advice Centre, Disabled Living IT Project

Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

Slide 48

further information
Further Information
  • Further information on the project can be obtained from:
  • The MEV Team at Manchester City Council.
  • The MEV web site
  • e-mailing [email protected]
  • calling 0161 234 1532.
  • More general information on the Commonwealth Games Legacy
  • can be found at

Manchester Event Volunteers

A Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

Slide 49

volunteer involvement programme

Volunteer Involvement Programme

Tony Smith, Commercial Director

role of volunteers
Role of Volunteers
  • Theatre Ushers
  • Programme and merchandise sales
  • 25-30 Volunteers potentially required per evening
  • Managed on-line using Go2Give
  • Expenses – 40 pence per mile; maximum 30 mile round trip
  • 70% of all shifts claim expenses
demographic breakdown
Demographic Breakdown
  • 261 individuals currently registered
      • 193 female
      • 68 male
      • 20 couples
      • 26 Salford residents
      • 12 under the age of 30
volunteer recruitment
Volunteer Recruitment
  • Focus on:
      • Salford residents
      • Younger (under 30)
  • Annual recruitment drive
  • Mandatory training day
  • Minimum commitment of 3 shifts per month
benefits organisation and individuals
Benefits – organisation and individuals
  • Financial:
      • Circa £200k annual wages/salary saving
  • Operational:
      • Individuals with a passion for theatre and the organisation
      • Loyal, dedicated and reliable
      • Generally very good customer service
  • Volunteer benefit:
      • Get to see the shows whilst on shift
      • Treated as staff so get associated benefits
      • Potential recruitment opportunities
  • Volunteer Consultation Forum
  • Staff and volunteer annual survey
  • Quarterly staff and volunteer briefings
  • Volunteers are an integral part of our organisation
  • Financial and visitor experience benefits
  • Focus on Salford residents and younger volunteers
  • 2-way communication is vital – ensure volunteers know they are valued

Gross Economic Value: Annual UKPeople20m c.40% of adult population££41billion Organisations: £25billion 4th largest component of GDP£ROI£2-£8 / £1 invested


You are actually training yourself to go into an actual job and you will go into that job more confidently and you should be successful in an interviewIn Touch volunteer


I was a bit of a hermit for a year and didn’t socialise at all, so I’ve grown more confident being around people whereas before I just felt really tenseIn Touch volunteer


£86bnCost of depression to UK economy+55% improved mental heathIn Touch volunteersIf it hadn’t been for the museum I would be chronically depressed by now … I have to get up for something … it just kept my body and soul together In Touch volunteer


Organisation: Financial benefitsDuring programme+730 visitors£2000 additional shop and café spend£10,050 staff time during programmeOngoingc6,000 hours annually each museum3 - 3.3 fte posts£45k - £48k per annum


OrganisationVolunteer and audience diversificationChanged perception of museumsStrategic / holistic volunteering approachEnhanced diversity awareness + practiceIncreased availability of collections to public


Big Society AgendaNot a new concept in UKVictorian philanthropy to 40% adults volunteer nowErosion of infrastructure fundingMotivations for volunteering?Altruism / Public Service / Self-Interest / Core deliveryIncreasing economic / delivery focus:Help or hindrance?Volunteering as barrier to economic benefit?What lost if major focus on skills / employment?


Contact us:

50 Copperas Street



T: 0161 839 3311

F: 0161 839 3377

E: [email protected]