Professional standards for teachers in adult education
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Professional Standards for Teachers in Adult Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Standards for Teachers in Adult Education. Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Professional Standards for Teachers Workgroup Workgroup Coordinator: John LeMaster. What is the Big Picture?. Standards Development. Why Do We Need Standards?. Performance Change

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Professional standards for teachers in adult education

Professional Standards for Teachers in Adult Education

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

Professional Standards for Teachers Workgroup

Workgroup Coordinator: John LeMaster

Training Guide Session I

What is the big picture

What is the Big Picture?

Standards Development

Teacher standards

Why do we need standards
Why Do We Need Standards?











Teacher Standards

What is the purpose of standards based instruction
What is the Purpose of Standards Based Instruction?

  • Allows teachers and learners to understand the concepts and skills that need to be mastered

  • Provides a common language for teachers to discuss approaches and practices

  • Articulates expectations for teachers and learners

  • Involves challenging activities that are reflective of the standards

Teacher Standards

Will standards help my program
Will Standards Help My Program?



High Stakes Testing


Teacher Standards

What are the teacher standards
What are the Teacher Standards?

A process for:

Negotiating the range of knowledge and skills that teachers should have

Measuring teachers’ knowledge and skills

Developing professional development with a clear approach to enhance learner outcomes

Teacher Standards

What is the purpose of the teacher standards
What is the Purpose of the Teacher Standards?

  • Raises expectations for all teachers

  • Engages teachers in building a common set of goals and vocabulary

  • Improves best practices within the disciplines and within the field of adult learning

  • Enhances professional development to support instruction

  • Holds teachers accountablefor providing quality education

  • Articulates adult education goals and possibly aligns them with other resources

  • Raises awareness in the community and, thereby, increase commitment to the programs and the learners served

Teacher Standards

A look at maryland s teacher standards

A Look at Maryland's Teacher Standards

Teacher Standards Development

Workgroup representation
Workgroup Representation

Teacher Standards

How were the standards developed
How were the Standards Developed?

Review Process included:

  • Pro-Net adult education instructor competencies

  • Maryland K-12 Professional Development Standards

  • Standards from the following states:

    • Ohio

    • Pennsylvania

    • Kentucky

    • Colorado

Teacher Standards

Draft standards developed
Draft Standards Developed

Customized to reflect the skills Maryland teachers need to know and be able to demonstrate

Teacher Standards

What process was used to gain public comment
What Process was Used to Gain Public Comment?

  • Focus groups were held with practitioners

  • Student focus groups were held

  • The document was posted for public comment

  • Input was sought from key stakeholders:

    • CAELA

    • STAC

    • Adult Education & Literacy Services Division’s Leadership Team

Teacher Standards

How can the maryland teacher standards be used to improve instruction
How Can the Maryland Teacher Standards Be Used to Improve Instruction?

The standards framework can be used by:

  • Teachers to assess performance by completing a self-assessment

  • Administrators to assess performance and guide administrators on what a teacher should know and be able to do

  • Leadership team to determine professional development needs

Teacher Standards

What were the comments
What Were the Comments? Instruction?

Positive Comments:

  • Provides a comprehensive list of expectations

  • Ensures consistency across the state

  • Assists in developing teacher goals

  • Provides clearly stated competencies and examples

  • Ensures teacher effectiveness

  • Defines responsibilities


  • Needs more emphasis on ESL and language acquisition

  • Needs more funding for professional development to address standards

  • Needs more funding to pay teachers based on their level of expertise

  • Not all programs have access to technology

Teacher Standards

How are the teacher standards organized
How are the Teacher Standards Organized? Instruction?

Teacher Standards

What are the six standards the adult education teacher should be able to
What are the Six Standards? Instruction?The Adult Education teacher should be able to:

Teacher Standards

Let s take a look
Let’s Take a Look Instruction?

Teacher Standards

How will the standards be implemented
How Will the Standards Be Implemented? Instruction?

FY 09

FY 10

Introduction at Administrators meeting

- Review with Leadership team

Regional conference calls

Instructional Specialist State Training

- Follow-up conference call

Implement standards at the local level

Continue to present the standards to new ISs at state orientation meeting

Meet with ISs on use of standards

Survey the field

Revise if necessary

Teacher Standards

The professional standards for teachers in adult education
The Professional Standards for Teachers in Adult Education Instruction?

  • Standards Framework

  • Teacher Self-Assessment

  • Professional Development Planning Chart

  • Includes:

    • Six Standards

    • Competencies

    • Sample evidence

Teacher Standards