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EU Grants Advisor EUGA

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1. EU Grants Advisor (EUGA) Günter Schneider EUGA Program Manager Microsoft Corporation – EMEA Timezone

2. Agenda Mission & summary The EUGA „engine“ 3 pillars Benefits & USP Geography Results Case study You are invited ? …

3. Quote ICT drives 50% of EU growth, says Commission's Annual Report on the Digital Economy (March 30, 2007)

4. Mission “To stimulate economic growth across the European Union (and beyond), reinforcing Microsoft’s commitment to regional success by fuelling a competitive and innovative business environment for SMEs & LRGs as well as enhancing public-private partnerships.”

5. Summary Multi-stakeholder partnership initiated by Microsoft to provide awareness, consulting & support to help SMEs & LRGs to successfully apply for EU, national, regional & local grants for ICT related investments (no matter if Microsoft is involved or not)

6. Grants portal – AWARENESS Dedicated & localized (language & content) Free of charge Overview of all ICT related public fundings Grants consulting – HANDS-ON SUPPORT Profound, individual consulting by … In-house consultants – first eligibility check, free of charge Local grants consulting agencies – application writing, sucess fee MSP: EUGA consortia – ADVOCATING PPP – together with industry partners, banks, telcos, chambers, municipalities, ministries, business associations… Joint communication efforts Best practice sharing & efficiency discussion with authorities At EU level and in every country The EUGA „Engine“

7. The EUGA „Engine“

8. The EUGA “Pillars”

9. Benefits for Applicants Grants consulting – competent & individual CASH (and/or) Loans Total funding up to 100% (!) Faster & bigger projects solution development ICT implementation & modernization training & development

10. USP – What Makes It So Special? Focus on ICT EU-wide database for all kind of ICT related public fundings Covering all levels (EU, national, regional, local) Not just information and basic consulting, but facilitation of the entire application process, including application writing Network of consultants all over Europe

11. Geography Today ? EU-21 (Bulgaria since Oct 1) By end of CY07 ? EU-27 Romania (Oct 26) Latvia (Nov 9) Estonia Cyprus Malta Lithuania (tbc) CY08 ? Evaluation of „beyond EU“ pilots Turkey, Croatia… CY09 ? „Global concept“

12. Results (as of August ´07)

13. Case Study The Social Care Institute of Habrovany, partnered with the Masaryk University of Brno, Czech Technical University of Prague, Paracentre Fénix, and the regional government of Southern Moravia, in order to create a training & employment program to help those with disabilities to obtain the European Computer Driving License (ECDL). The project partners approached the local EUGA consultant to help them find an appropriate grant to apply for and to help facilitate its application process. With the help of EUGA, the project partners successfully applied for EUR 190,000 from the Ministry for Social Funds. The grant helped cover the cost of the training workshop and feedback sessions.

14. You are invited to… join the national consortia (MoU) spread the news about new grants via EUGA in order to maximize grants absorption in your region discuss your planned ICT investments with the national EUGA consultant of your country Happy to discuss any ideas of possible cooperation ! Questions, issues, concerns: [email protected]

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