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Case Study: Allant has improved marketing spend yield and optimize the customer lifecycle marketing of American retailer of women's clothing by Omni-channel & Predictive Analytics.

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Case Study: Customer Growth - Customer Lifecycle Marketing f...

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Case study customer growth customer lifecycle marketing for american retailer of women s clothing


Case Study: Customer Growth - Customer Lifecycle Marketing for

American Retailer of Women's Clothing


An American retailer of women's clothing needed to optimize customer lifecycle marketing and improve

marketing spend yield by increasing size and frequency of customer purchases. The retailer expected to

increase the average basket size for the top 30% of their customer portfolio by 10%.


Allant used advanced customer segmentation with best customer clone modeling, seasonal targeting and

customer research.


Omni-Channel Manager

Execute and measure omni-channel marketing campaigns

Predictive Analytics Hub

Create multi-dimensional customer segmentation ? and next logical cross sell /

upsell models

Marketing Data Hub

Manage extensive customer and marketing ? campaign history

One Touch Data Integration Hub

Integrate customer transaction, promotion history and response, merchandise,

and store data, with ? 3rd party demographics


By evaluating cadence and spending velocities, Allant was able to achieve a 400%

ROI over a multi-year engagement

Increased sales to top 5 customer segments that represented 30% of customers? but

70% of sales

Focused promotions on the 70% of customers at risk of attriting but not sizing? out of

the brand to increase sales

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