Simplified digital mapping of remp sampling locations
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Simplified Digital Mapping of REMP Sampling Locations PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Simplified Digital Mapping of REMP Sampling Locations. Ken Sejkora Entergy Nuclear Northeast – Pilgrim Station Roger Tolbert Entergy Nuclear South – Grand Gulf Presented at the 12 th Annual RETS-REMP Workshop Atlantic City, NJ: 24-26 Jun 2002. Why Have Good Maps?.

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Simplified Digital Mapping of REMP Sampling Locations

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Presentation Transcript

Simplified Digital Mapping of REMP Sampling Locations

Ken Sejkora

Entergy Nuclear Northeast – Pilgrim Station

Roger Tolbert

Entergy Nuclear South – Grand Gulf

Presented at the 12th Annual RETS-REMP Workshop

Atlantic City, NJ: 24-26 Jun 2002

Why Have Good Maps?

  • Required by NUREG-1301/1302, Branch Technical Position, Tech Specs, ODCM

  • Makes determining distance and direction to sampling and receptor locations easier, plus more accurate

  • Good augmentation to ODCM and Annual Reports

  • It’s the right thing to do!

Key Elements to Software-based Mapping

  • Mapping software

    • What are your needs?

    • How do you intend to use it?

    • Stand-alone, or augment with GPS?

  • GPS receiver

    • Accuracy with portability!

    • Features – ‘bells and whistles’

    • Use with mapping software?

Mapping Software Considerations

  • Map datum used as basis

  • GPS capability of software

    • Real-time plotting of GPS output

    • Storage download of waypoints, trails

  • Printing capability

  • Map save/export capability: ODCM, reports

  • Drawing function to overlay compass rose, icons

  • Operating platform: Windows vs. Mac

  • USA coverage good, Canada/foreign ??

Mapping Software Selection

  • Delorme Street Atlas

  • Delorme Topo USA

  • Rand McNally StreetFinder

  • Microsoft MapPoint

  • Microsoft Streets

  • GPS receiver-specific maps

GPS Receiver Considerations

  • Waypoint Storage: 500 typical

  • Plot trail, “breadcrumbs”; number of points

  • Data port: link to PC

  • Map Display: GPS displays where you’re at

  • WAAS capability: Wide Area Augmentation System… increase accuracy

  • Software updateable – flash ROM

  • No display – feed directly to mapping program via serial port

GPS Receiver Selection

  • Garmin:

  • Magellan:

  • Trimble:

  • Lowrance:

  • Palm-Pilot PDA add-on

  • Direct-feed, no display… Delorme Earthmate

Other Software & GPS Links

  • Spreadsheets:

    • Distance & Direction

    • Compass Rose

  • ExpertGPS:

  • G7TOWIN:

  • NMEAgent:

  • SAWatch:

  • Others/Links:


  • Real-time tracking – land use census

  • Waypoint storage – nearest resident, farm, garden, milk animal, REMP sampling locations, TLDs

    • Accurate distance and direction/sector for X/Q,D/Q calcs, dose calcs, etc.

  • Aerial map interface – ExpertGPS software, cursor LAT/LON

Map TLD Locations

Land Use Census Track

Grand Gulf Nuclear Station2001 Land Use Census

  • Why use GPS and GPS Software

    • Validate distances to current locations

    • Validate correct sectors are used

    • Obtain accurate distances to new locations

    • Determine if any hard-to-reach areas may need investigating

Grand Gulf Nuclear Station2001 Land Use Census

  • Used TopoGrafix ExpertGPS software

    • Aerial view maps from Microsoft TerraServer

    • Topographic Maps from USGS

  • Garmin Etrex Vista GPS

  • County 911 Services for addresses

  • Door to door survey

Grand Gulf Nuclear Station2001 Land Use Census

  • Other Uses

    • Site overview for NPDES permitting

    • Verification of Site Boundary

    • Assist in locating new sample locations

    • TLD location mapping and distances

    • Providing aerial views for everyone’s house

Grand Gulf Nuclear Station2001 Land Use Census

  • Methods

    • Zoom in and mark the roof top as a waypoint at your desk, then upload the waypoints to GPS to verify in the field


    • Go to the field, mark the location on the GPS, and then download to Software to verify.

Zoom in and mark roof top using the software

  • Zoom out to get big picture

  • Include Sector lines as waypoints

Data can be sorted by bearing or distance and printed or exported to spreadsheet.


  • Map datum used for basis

    • Local maps – may not have good pedigree

    • Plant maps – pedigree? State plane?

    • USGS Topo Quads – many NAD27, some converted to NAD83/WGS84

    • Software maps – most NAD83, some NAD27, ??

    • Coordinate conversion software? It is available.

  • Poor satellite coverage – greater uncertainty on position… address by using location averaging


  • Might discover your REMP locations are not where you thought they were… need to relocate to cover the sector, distance, etc.?

    • Keep from historical perspective?

    • Move to desired location? $$ to move

    • Add additional location? $$ to collect and analyze more samples

Bottom Line -- Cost

  • Mapping Software

    • Desktop/Laptop mapping: $30-$100

    • GPS receiver-specific: $100-$200

  • GPS Receiver

    • Non-data port: <$100-$200

    • Non-mapping, data port: $150-$250

    • Map display, data port: $250-$400


  • Readily available: K-Mart, Wal-Mart, computer stores, mail order, web

  • Relatively low cost: ~$200 for GPS receiver and software

  • Easy to use: point-and-click

  • Powerful, robust: better than map-and-ruler, cut-and-paste

  • Accurate: 20 meter easily achievable; Selective Availability off since 01-May-2000

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