Update on clinical research network performance time for further improvement
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Update on Clinical Research Network Performance - time for further improvement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Update on Clinical Research Network Performance - time for further improvement. Dr Jonathan Sheffield CEO. Top-level political support. 6 Dec 2011: PM launches Strategy for UK Life-sciences at FT Global Pharma conference, backed by prospectus

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Presentation Transcript
Update on clinical research network performance time for further improvement

Update on Clinical Research Network Performance - time for further improvement

Dr Jonathan Sheffield CEO

Top level political support
Top-level political support further improvement

  • 6 Dec 2011: PM launches Strategy for UK Life-sciences at FT Global Pharma conference, backed by prospectus

  • “We can be proud of our past - but we cannot be complacent about our future. The industry is changing, not just year by year, but month by month. We must ensure the UK stays ahead. Yes, we have got a leading science base, we’ve got four of the world’s top 10 universities and we have a National Health Service unlike any other. But these strengths alone are not enough to keep pace with what’s happening. We’ve got to change radically - the way we innovate, the way we collaborate, the way we open up the NHS.”

Key messages
Key messages further improvement

  • Build a life-sciences eco-system

  • Attract, develop and reward the best talent

  • Overcome barriers and create incentives for the promotion of healthcare innovation

    • Tax changes to incentivize investment in R&D

    • Funding to incentivize early‑stage investment

    • Regulation: “tear down the regulatory barriers you face”

Central role of the nihr
Central role of the NIHR further improvement

  • NIHR incentives for efficiency in research initiation and delivery

    • Publish clinical trial information against benchmarks

    • Funding to NHS providers conditional on meeting a 70 day benchmark to recruit first patients for trials

    • Health Research Authority - to combine and streamline approvals for health research

  • Initiatives to promote and increase patient access to research

    • NHS Constitution - consult on amending NHS Constitution so there is a default assumption (with opt out) that data can be used

    • Clinical Practice Research Datalink - new secure data service

    • Clinical Trials Gateway website and “app”

Innovation in the nhs
Innovation in the NHS further improvement

  • David Nicholson report to the Government “Innovation Health and Wealth”

  • “This requires a fundamental change to the way in which people currently work. At the heart of this is strong leadership – both clinical and managerial at all levels in the system. It will require all Leaders to identify and tackle the behaviours and cultures that stand in the way of innovation…

  • We need to have the courage to make changes and be less risk adverse, we need to take a longer term view on investments and we need to ensure staff are supported to introduce new ideas and technologies.”

Key messages1
Key messages further improvement

  • Reduce variation in the NHS, and drive greater compliance with NICE guidance

  • Working with industry, develop and publish better innovation uptake metrics, and more accessible evidence and information about new ideas

  • Improve arrangements for procurement in the NHS to drive up quality and value, and to make the NHS a better place to do business

  • Bring about a major shift in culture within the NHS, and develop our people by ‘hard wiring’ innovation into training and education for managers and clinicians

  • Every NHS Board should explicitly invest time, resource and effort in innovation. We will require the Chief Executive of every NHS commissioning organisation, including the NHS Commissioning Board, to take personal responsibility to ensure that arrangements are in place to champion research, innovation and adoption, and that the adoption and spread of proven innovation is central to their commissioning plans.

Clinical research network
Clinical Research Network further improvement

Clinical research network1
Clinical Research Network further improvement

Clinical research network2
Clinical Research Network further improvement

High level objectives summary on performance to date
High further improvementLevel Objectives – summary on performance to date

Non commercial studies managed by registered ctus recruitment to time and target
Non-Commercial Studies Managed by further improvementRegistered CTUs, Recruitment to Time and Target

Proportion of Non-Commercial Studies by further improvementRegistered CTUs, Calendar Days from NHS Permission to First Recruit

Quarter 1 fell considerably short of this ultimate target, with 17% of relevant studies NHS Permission being issued the year 2010/11.

Clinical research network3
Clinical Research Network further improvement

Opportunities for collaboration
Opportunities for Collaboration further improvement

  • Lean Programme

  • Data collection and upload

  • Performance Management

  • Commercial engagement

Links further improvement

  • Life Sciences Strategy

    • http://www.bis.gov.uk/assets/biscore/innovation/docs/s/11-1429-strategy-for-uk-life-sciences

  • The “Prospectus” – Investing in UK Health and Life Sciences

    • http://www.number10.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/8971-BIS-Life-Sciences-Prospectus-BMK_Spreads.pdf

  • Innovation, Health and Wealth (Sir David Nicholson Report)

    • http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_131299

  • Public national league tables

    • http://www.guardian.co.uk/healthcare-network-nihr-clinical-research-zone

  • Clinical Research Network industry site

    • http://www.supportmystudy.nihr.ac.uk