My a b c book of history 1607 1865
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My A B C book of history (1607-1865). By Laquintry Murphy 8 TH history, Mrs. Fowler May 11,2011. A. Abstain- refrain voluntary especially from a action Adobe- a building made of adobe bricks Alien- a person of a another family or race. B.

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My a b c book of history 1607 1865

My A B C book of history(1607-1865)

By Laquintry Murphy

8TH history, Mrs. Fowler

May 11,2011


Abstain- refrain voluntary especially from a action

Adobe- a building made of adobe bricks

Alien- a person of a another family or race


Backcountry- a region of hills forest west of the tide water

Boycott- the process of a instant boycotting

Burgesses- elected representatives to an assembly


Cabinet- a group of advisers to the president

californios- Mexican who in California

canal- an artificial water way


Debtor- person or country who owes money

Decree- an order or decision given by an authority

Desert- to leave without permission


Effigy- rag figure representing an upper individual

Emancipate- to free slaves

Embargo- an order prohibiting trade with a country


Famine- an extreme shortage of food

Federalist- supporters of the constitution

Frigate- a warship


Guerrilla warfare- a hit and run tack tick

Grant ,Ulysses s.- the general of the union


House of burgesses- where the representatives meet for the first time

Human rights- rights for all men to be equal

Harding ,warren G.- the 29 president of America


Import- to buy goods from foreign markets

Impeach- to formally charge an official with miss conduct

Internet- a worldwide linking of computer networks


Jonson ,Andrew- 17th president and a republican

Jackson, Andrew- a great general and the 7th president

Jefferson, Thomas- third president and wrote the declaration of independents


Kansas bleeding- killed five slave supporters

Kansas Nebraska act- signed may 1854

Keelboat- Indian tribe


Landslide- an worth while victory

Lyching- putting to death by illegal action

Literacy- the ability to read and write


Maize- an early form of corn grown by native Americans

Majority- more than half

Mission- religion settlement


Naturalization- to grant full citizenship to a foreigner

Neutral- taking no side in a conflict

Nullity- to cancel


Ordinance- a law or regulation

Offensive- position of attacking of or attack itself

Override- to overturn of defeat


Partism- favoring one side of an issue

Petition- a formal request

Pilgrimage- a journey to a holy place


Quakers- believed that every individual had inner rights

Quebec act- granted religious freedom to French colonist

Quebec battle of- was thought to be an impossible attack


Radical- extreme

Rancher- Mexican ranch owner

Repeal- to cancel an act or law


Secede- to leave or withdraw

Secession- withdrawal from the union

Suffrage- the right to vote


Tariff- a tax on imported goods

Tijuana- a Mexican who claims Texas as his home

Transcontinental- extending across a continent


Unconstitutional- not agreeing or consistent with the constitution

Utopia- community based on a vision

Underground railroad- a system that helped slaves escape


Vaquero- Hispanic ranch hand

Veto- to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law

Vigilantes- people people who take the law into their own hands


War hawks- republicans during Madison's presidency

West India's- islands in the Caribbean sea

Wyoming- territory provided by woman rights to vote


Xyz affair- three French agents


Yankee- union solider

yeuran- southern owner of a small farm who didn’t have slave

Yellow journalism- a type of sensational


Zeni- people of the south west