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BioPlastics. BiodegradableStrongerLower oxygen diffusionProduced in genetically modified plantsReusable waste products. BioPol The Enterprise. Founded 1998TU Delft (NL) and RUG (BE)Originally 10 employeesResearch funding by EU (FP5 - 612B). Situation 2002Starting plant in Krosnac (Poland)

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1. BioPol Sustainable bioplastics

2. BioPlastics Biodegradable Stronger Lower oxygen diffusion Produced in genetically modified plants Reusable waste products

3. BioPol The Enterprise Founded 1998 TU Delft (NL) and RUG (BE) Originally 10 employees Research funding by EU (FP5 - 612B)

5. BioPol Research and Development Transgenics Process Optimalization Purification (yield) Plastic foil Polymer Production

6. BioPol Production Chain Transgenic Seed

8. BioPol Customer Profile Plastics producers Asia Australasia Plastics consumers Western Europe North America

9. The Global Thermoplastics Industry

10. BioPol Finances Supplier of advanced bioplastics to the global thermoplastics industry (~ 120 billion tons in 2001) Current company capitalization: 20 million EURO Seed financing completed First stage financing in progress Estimate need for second-stage financing in second year of operation

11. BioPol Sales Projections

12. BioPol Activities Timeline Immediate large-scale production Secure IP position on new technology in branched polymer synthesis First transgenic plants being cultivated in Canada for seeds Primary production crop slated for growth and harvest in 2003

13. BioPol Cooperation Strategy Stimulate direct contact with customers Presentations at annual conferences and at exhibitions Monthly newsletter Production facility visits Target groups Customers (farmers, end-users) Population of Krosnac (free cattle feed, kindergarten) Local environmental interest groups

14. BioPol Sustainable Development Strategy Environmentally friendly transgenic crops Fertile parent lines cultivated in isolation (containment) Sterile plants in Europe for bioplastics (deliberate release approved) Chloroform-free extraction of raw polymers for bioplastics Features of the new process Constitutive expression of genes for polymers in transgenics Production of durable bioplastics with biodegradable properties Controlled copolymerization for generating custom plastics All plant waste products are recyclable as feed and fertilizer

15. BioPol Future Products Plastics with other characteristics Varied side chains (polysaccharides, polyamino acids) Novel copolymers

16. BioPol Sustainable plastics

17. Crisis Management I We will employ the following strategy: Do tests to determine whether the crops that were discovered to contain polymers in Germany are sterile. If they from the parent lines, we will state these legal points: We are not responsible for environmental consequences arising theft of seeds We are adhering to regulations by containing our parental lines Remind the courts that the Polish regulations under which we are working are equivalent to those of the EU Theft of our seeds cannot be construed as negligence or malfeasance on our part.

18. Crises Management II We will continue to work on other more environmentally friendly polymers We will work to integrate ethical and social issues into our future product development

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