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WELCOME TO OUR PRESENTATION. Aditya Bagoes (01) Ana Novia R (02) Denise praserosa ( 05 ) Kanindya nooringsih ( 12 ) Rahayu hana ( 20 ). Assignment . Do some observation at least 10 plants species around you! Determine the root system, whether it’s conclude in tap root system!

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Welcome to our presentation


AdityaBagoes (01)

Ana Novia R (02)

Denise praserosa ( 05 )

Kanindyanooringsih ( 12 )

Rahayuhana ( 20 )



  • Do some observation at least 10 plants species around you!Determine the root system, whether it’s conclude in tap root system!

  • According to the stem shape, into what is banana include? Dicotyledonous/ monocotyledon?

  • For land plants that grow in arid area ( xerophyte ) which kind of leaf structure is more advantageous: “ thin, flattened leaves with many stomata on the upper layer/ narrow. Waxy leaf with stomata on the lower layer? “ discuss it!

Welcome to our presentation

4. a) where is the location of vascular bundle on leaf?b) What are the function of fruit and seed?

5. a) explain about part of leaf that has important role in photosynthesis!B) what are the differences between chlorophyll and chloroplast !

1 table of observation

1. Table of observation

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Banana: doesn’t have cambium, but including in dicotyl. Because have more than one seeds.

Papaya: have cambium, and including in dicotyl.

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Thin, waxy leaf with stomata on the lower layer. Because, if there are many stomata make increasing evaporation, and the function of thin leaf to save the steam if evaporation happened and reduce to water again.For the example is Cactus.

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a. A vascular bundle is a part of the transport system in vascular plants. The transport itself happens in vascular tissue, which exists in two forms: xylem and phloem. Both these tissues are present in a vascular bundle, which in addition will include supporting and protective tissues. Also, it is a vein in the leaf that contains conducting tissues.

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b. Fruits : is the result of development of plant.

Seed : to make a new plant.

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  • The important part of leaf, is stomata and chlorophyll. Stomata, is part in leaf to cook the chlorophyll and sunlight became oxygen and carbohydrate.

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b. Chloroplast : component of photosynthesis on plant cell containing photosynthesis Chlorophyll :green pigment on leaf.

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