Chanukah Jeopardy
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Chanukah Jeopardy. Traditionally, on Chanukah, we eat foods made in this. Oil. These treats represent the gold coins once used as gifts. Gelt. The Hebrew term for potato pancakes. Latkes. The English name for sufganiyot. Jelly donuts. There is a custom of eating dairy on Chanukah

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Presentation Transcript

Traditionally, on Chanukah,

we eat foods made in this

The Hebrew term for

potato pancakes

The English name

for sufganiyot

There is a custom of

eating dairy on Chanukah

in honor of this heroine

What landing on Gimel

means when playing dreidel

The English meaning of

“Nes Gadol Haya Sham” –

what the letters

on the dreidel stand for

What the Jews were really doing

when the Syrian Greeks

saw them playing dreidel

The Hebrew name for dreidel

(yup that’s actually Yiddish)

This Hebrew letter only appears

on a dreidel made in Israel

Pey instead of shin
Pey(instead of Shin)

The length of time the

small amount of oil

found in the Temple lasted

The English definition of “Maccabee”,

the nickname given to the family

who led the revolt

This Helenistic king ordered

that the Second Temple become

a pagan shrine

This is how many years passed

between the outlawing of Jewish practice and the end of the revolt

The year that the Maccabean revolt

Ended, leading to the recapture and cleansing of the Temple in Jerusalem

The name of the candle

used to light the others

on Chanukah

The number of blessings

recited on the first night

of Chanukah

The type of oil used to light

the Ner Tamid (eternal flame)

in the Temple

This is the total number of candles

used during the holiday of Chanukah

The English translation

of the word “Chanukah”

This actor/musician wrote a

Chanukah song about

Jews in Hollywood

The name of the Hebrew month

in which Chanukah begins

What the dreidel is made out of

In the popular children’s song

This Jewish musician shares a name

with the father of the Maccabees