Emperor Shi Huangdi

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Emperor Shi Huangdi

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1. Emperor Shi Huangdi Mr. Eisenman

2. China’s First Emperor

3. Shi Huangdi, 259-210 BC Known for unifying China in 221 BC and becoming China’s first emperor. Prior to unifying China, China was divided into 6 major warring kingdoms.

5. Rule of Shi Huangdi Followed Legalist school of philosophy which taught the order is maintained through laws and the fear of punishment Shi Huangdi conquered neighboring states through the use of violence. He killed prisoners of war. At home, he attacked enemies, intellectuals, Confucian scholars and burned books. People were killed and tortured in sacrifice to the empire Peasants were taxed and worked to death to build the monuments of the first emperor. Up to 100,000 people died because of his policies

6. Achievements Standardized units of measurements- weights, measures, currency, cart axle width, etc… Wrote unified laws Standardized Chinese characters Annexed lands in south (Guangdong) and subdued northern and western nomadic tribes Began building the Great Wall Terra Cotta Warriors Built roads and canals

7. Standardized characters

8. Coins

9. The Great Wall

10. Terra cotta army One of his greatest building projects was only discovered by accident in 1974 when a farmer was drilling a well. To protect his tomb (and his well-being in the afterlife) his entire army was copied in clay The tomb has never been opened

15. Death of Shi Huangdi There were many assassination attempts on his life He finally died after being poisoned by his own doctors who thought that they were given him medicine for immortal life.

16. Chinese attitudes Despicable Despot or Founding Father? For much of Chinese history, he was reviled. He exemplified the distrust Chinese hold toward universal laws. In the Hero, how is he portrayed?

17. Hero For good background reading on the movie Hero, see http://www.sacu.org/ceye13.html

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