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Male and female reproductive system
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Male and Female Reproductive System. Chapter 20 Section 2. Key Concepts. What is sexual reproduction What are the structures and functions of the male and female reproductive systems? What events occur during the menstrual cycle?. Key terms. Endocrine glands.

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Male and Female Reproductive System

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Male and female reproductive system

Male and Female Reproductive System

Chapter 20

Section 2

Key concepts

Key Concepts

  • What is sexual reproduction

  • What are the structures and functions of the male and female reproductive systems?

  • What events occur during the menstrual cycle?

Key terms

Key terms

Endocrine glands

Endocrine glands

  • In humans two endocrine glands-the ovaries and the testes-control many of the changes that occur as a child matures. These glands release hormones that cause the body to develop as a person grows older.

Sexual reproduction

Sexual Reproduction

  • Life begins as a single cell

    • Female egg cell and sperm male sex cell



  • The joining of a sperm and egg

  • Sexual reproduction involved the production of eggs by the female and sperm by the male

  • When fertilization occurs a zygote is produced



  • Are rod like structures

  • They carry the information that controls inherited characteristics such as eye color and blood type

  • The sex cells contain 23 chromosomes each and when joined together have 46. these 46 chromosomes contain all the information needed to produce a new human being

Male reproductive system

Male reproductive system

  • Is specialized to produce sperm and the hormone testosterone

  • Structures of the male reproductive system include

    • Testes

    • Scrotum

    • Penis

The testes

The Testes

  • The are oval shaped and produce sperm

  • Produce testosterone-a hormone that controls the development of physical characteristics of mature men

    • Ex. Facial hair, deepening voice, broadening of shoulders, ability to produce sperm



  • The external pouch of skin where the testes are located

  • Being outside the body the testes are 2-3 degrees cooler than within the body as sperm need the slightly cooler conditions to develop normally



  • Once sperm is formed the sperm mix with fluids in nearby glands producing a fluid called semen

  • There are 5 to 10 million sperm per drop of semen

  • Semen leaves the body through the penis

  • Semen travels through the urethra

Female reproductive system

Female Reproductive System

  • Role of the female reproductive system is to produce eggs and to nourish a developing baby until birth if it is fertilized

  • Organs of the female productive system

    • Ovaries

    • Fallopian tubes

    • Uterus

    • Vagina



  • Produce eggs

  • Located slightly below the waist, one ovary is on each side of the body

  • Produce one hormone called estrogen

  • Triggers the development of some female characteristics

    • Hips to widen

    • Breast to develop

Path of the egg

Path of the egg

  • Ovaries are located by fallopian tubes the passageway for eggs as they travel from the ovary to the uterus

  • Each month a mature egg is released

  • From the fallopian tubes the egg moves to the uterus and if fertilized then attaches to the wall of the uterus

  • An unfertilized egg breaks down in the uterus and enters the vagina

The menstrual cycle

The Menstrual Cycle

  • An egg develops in an ovary

  • The uterus prepares for the arrival of an embryo-the menstrual cycle prepars the woman’s body for pregnancy

Endocrine control

Endocrine Control

  • Menstural cycle is controlled by hormones

  • Hormones also trigger a girls first menstruation and menstruation goes on until about the age of 50

1 what is fertilization

1. What is fertilization

  • Joinging of an egg and a sperm

2 list the structures of the male and female reproductive system

2. List the structures of the male and female reproductive system?

  • Male-testes, scrotum, penis

  • Female-ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, vagina

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